Summer Business Ideas For Extra Income

Need extra cash? No problem! It’s time to get creative with how you can earn additional income this summer, whether you’re a full-time student or employee. Here are a few business ideas:

1. Be an online tutor.

Since online classes are the norm right now, parents might not have the time to help their kids with homework as they’re busy working from home. You can offer your services as an online tutor to assist friends’ or relatives’ kids struggling to adapt to this new normal.

2. Be a proofreader.

Online communication is so important right now with everything happening either on a mobile device or a computer. If you have a good grasp of technology and have a good command of the English language (or Filipino) then this job may be for you. You can read through articles and assignments, and then make changes when you spot misspellings or grammatical errors the same way you might be doing for the assignment of your kids. If this is something you can do, let your friends and relatives know that you are free to edit their written work.

3. Sell pre-loved items!

You might have gained a bit of weight due to the lockdown or realized you have old things that are rarely used. Turn to online platforms like Shopee, Lazada, or Carousell to declutter your old things and make money at the same time! Just make sure what you’re selling is still usable and in good working condition.

4. Be an online host

It’s possible that many users of Zoom or other similar platforms for events are new to the technology and may not even have a handle on how to coordinate an online occasion with the proper flow. If you have experience in this area, you can help them by being an online event host. Guide them by writing the script, ensuring there’s a flow without any dead air (a few online games and polls will do the trick), and keeping the event in order. Take note: You need to have experience in events management or hosting before offering your services.

5. Be a food provider!

People are more afraid to go out now that the second COVID strain is causing a rise in cases, especially when it comes to restaurant dining. What you can do instead is create a business that meets this need, like a dessert shop for the summer!

You can buy packed ice cream from outside and sell it to neighbors, encouraging them to buy from you so they don’t have to go outside.

Or, if you’re a bit more daring, you can create your own desserts at home like ice cream scoops with sugar palm bits or coconut gel to give a classic treat a local flavor. Why not serve a Pinoy classic like halohalo, a mix of ice cream scoops, sweetened bananas, then add some CDO Nata de Coco (coconut gel) and CDO Kaong (sugar palm fruit), red mung beans, and white beans just to name a few? Just make sure you have a functioning cooler so your ingredients are properly stored. You can set up outside your home or offer it to all your neighbors.

Sweet desserts are going to be a hit to both children and adults especially if you add CDO Nata de Coco and CDO kaong.

If you have other concepts you’d like to try out for extra income this summer, go for it. Being stuck at home is an opportunity for you to experiment with ideas you never thought would cross your mind. And with CDO Nata De Coco and CDO Kaong your summer business opportunities are limitless.

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6 thoughts on “Summer Business Ideas For Extra Income

  1. Manilyn Inciso Dacut says:

    Thanks fo sharing mommy ang dami din talaga pwede maging business basta maging matiyaga lang

  2. Antoniette Sanchez David says:

    Nice sakto talaga ito ang magkaron tayo ng extra income ngayong summer upang mas may maipon at para kahit nasa bahay kalang hindi ka mabored

  3. Karen Joy Mangalino Daban says:

    Wow..Thanks for sharing this mommy dorry..Big help to lalo na sa mga stay at home mommy..Now I sell online maybe id tried to be a food provider too para more income

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