Splash Corp. Makes Nationwide Donation as Hospitals Continue to Battle COVID-19

The fight against COVID-19 is far from over. Until a safe and effective vaccine is found for COVID-19, Splash Corporation believes the private corporate sector should continue to help the government curb the spread of this disease and keep people safe.

As part of their continuing COVID-19 initiative, Splash Corporation has been supplying medical institutions and frontliners in Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao with Hygienix alcohol and Hygienix soap to ensure that their disinfectant requirements are sufficient. These donations are coursed through Splash sales personnel on the field and delivered with the help of Splash official distributors. Splash’s target is to finish delivering 80 gallons of alcohol and 5 cases of soap to each of the 40 hospitals in their list this July.

Splash Corporation also donated Hygienix alcohol and Hygienix soap to several Manila based civic organizations. Splash Corporation hopes that their donations to ABS CBN Foundation, I am Hope, Safe Shelter, and World Vision will help these organizations in their respective campaigns and programs in the fight against COVID-19.

According to Mr. Marco Nieto, Splash Corporation SVP and General Manager of Philippine Operations and International Operations, “Splash Corporation donated Hygienix alcohol and soaps to the hospitals and organizations as our way of helping prevent the spread of the virus by protecting our frontliners who are tirelessly working to save those who are afflicted by COVID-19.” The battle against the pandemic may not be over but if frontliners continue to receive the help and support they deserve from businesses and private individuals, their fight could be easier––and may soon be won.

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7 thoughts on “Splash Corp. Makes Nationwide Donation as Hospitals Continue to Battle COVID-19

  1. Jairo Labiste says:

    Many countries is suffering a big loss to their Businesss, and many people loss their families. We should help each other like we use to be as a Filipino, and we need to help our front liners. The Splash Corp helping our front liners for their stock for medicines such as alcohol and soap to prevent the spread of Covid 19. To stop this pandemic we should help our front liners, because our front liners is our heroes to this pandemic.

  2. Rheo says:

    Helping each other would be a great help to lift our country again. Gving donations to those who needed is a big help to every filipino citizens.

  3. mikhaela says:

    This is what the world needs. In order to heal from pandemic, we must keep helping each other cause no matter what we do, We fight and share good news together.

  4. Franze Garcia says:

    I’m very delighted with all these types of act in these times that people need a hand in hand spirit of bayanihan. Mabuhay po ang Splash Corp sa kanilang mabuting adhikain!

  5. Mumshie Nica says:

    This is what we need right now. Helping each other in these trying times. Kudos to Splash Corp for their kindness and initiative! I hope madami pang companies ang may ganitong initiative

  6. Alliana Cordero says:

    There are so many information thanks for sharing your article. I would love to see more. It really help me a lot knowing that this is a trusted source. Hope you continue in what you are doing in helping others with this simple act of giving information.

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