8 Powerful Ingredients of Red Juice for Kids

Eating fruits and vegetables brings benefits to kids in many ways. These include a wide range of nutrients that keep them healthy, decrease their obesity risk and improve their school performance.

My toddler Venice is like any other kids who doesn’t eat much vegetables. I’m worried, but that was before. Good thing I discovered Red Juice Kids of Maike Co. This Red Juice Kids is packed with 8 powerful ingredients. It’s a non-carbonated fruit juice drink, 100% organic, with no preservative added, and is FDA-approved so it’s safe for kids.

Let’s find out what these 8 powerful Ingredients of Red Juice Kids are:

  • Camu-Camu Extract is used for viral infections including cold sores, shingles, and the common cold.
  • Zinc the second-most-abundant trace mineral in the body every growing kids need.
  • DHA is important for brain development during early childhood. It can also improve heart health, better vision, and reduced inflammatory response.
  • Chlorella Growth Factor is a unique nutrient complex found in the nucleus of Chlorella. It helps regenerate and repair cells, thus Chlorella supplements are good for children especially during their growth stages or puberty.

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Organique Acai Help Solve Psoriasis Problems

Wellness Wednesdays episode was again helpful to viewers who learned health related information, tips and remedies for a healthy lifestyle. In the latest episode, the topic was about psoriasis, its connection to our immune system and inflammatory responses. Doctor Sarah Balba-Cabodil, a dermatologist and recent guest speaker of Wellness Wednesdays episode shared information about psoriasis. According to her, “Psoriasis is a chronic skin infection that develops through a complex relationship between genetics and the environment”.  It can cause parts of our system to be hyperactive and anything that triggers the immune system can cause psoriasis to flare up even stress.

When our body is stressed, it releases an output of pro-inflammatory proteins and psoriasis is extremely reactive to this which results in the immune system’s hyperactivity, heightened inflammation and an increase of visually obvious psoriasis symptoms. If you have psoriatic disease, you are already more prone to anxiety and depression. This cycle affects your everyday life and your relationship with the world. That’s why you need to attack both stress and psoriasis because each makes the other worse—you must break the cycle at both ends. Continue reading

Build Strong Immunity To Fight Off Asthma

In Radyo Agila’s latest episode “Basta Natural” medical experts talked about the basics of Asthma, understanding its roots and nature. Asthma is one of the respiratory diseases that are always troublesome to carriers and its family. Generally, asthma is believed to occur because of the combination of genetic and environmental factors such as allergens and the changes of temperature. Asthma symptoms may vary from mild to severe which includes the shortness of breath with coughing, and chest pains due to difficulty of breathing. The production of excess mucus, and the combination narrowed the airways resulting in an obstructed airflow and difficulty of breathing. 

The attacks of asthma may vary depending on the nature of its trigger and lifestyle of a person. That is why, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle to build strong immune system, healthy lungs and heart. According to Doctor Viloria, people with asthma should avoid dairy products for it increase the body’s production of mucus. Instead, fruits and vegetables always come first in their meal. During this “Basta Natural” episode, they also talked about the traditional ways of treating asthma like rubbing the back with liniment and the natural antibacterial properties of garlic, onion and ginger. 

Organique Acai Berry was also mentioned by Doctor Sonny Viloria as a natural remedy for asthma since this supplement drink has anti-inflammatory properties. He mentioned that, its ability to treat asthma can be largely attributed to its high Vitamin C content. Vitamin C helps boost immune system and has antioxidant properties which can boost the immune system and also helps remove free radicals that may damage the lungs and make them vulnerable to asthmatic attacks. 

He also added that, “Acai is rich in Omega 3, 6, 9, vitamins C and anthocyanin – three important components helpful to strengthen our immune system. Organique Acai Berry has been in the business for more than a decade and has already solidified its value in the market.”

It’s time to combat asthma and live a healthy lifestyle with a daily shot of Organique Acai Premium Blend 30 minutes before breakfast. To know more about Organique Açaí Premium Blend, visit organique.com.ph or call hotline, 0969-1754233. Available in all Mercury drugstores, S&R outlets and other major drugstores and supermarkets near you.


Strengthen Your Immune System to Fight Off Viral Infections

The monsoon season invites the increase of flu and other health illnesses in several people in the country. It is very important to be extra-careful during this rainy season to prevent catching a cold, flu and getting other illnesses that are common during this season. Being knowledgeable on certain remedies to cope with such illnesses is a big help. The host of Wellness Wednesdays show’s recent episode mentioned that viral infections are the proliferation of a harmful virus within the body. These viral infections most commonly involve the nose to the throat, and upper airways, the nervous systems, gastrointestinal and reproductive systems.

Doctor Sarah Barba – Cabodil, an expert and specialist in aesthetic dermatology and integrative medicine stated that “Viral infections and viruses can be very mild or can be very severe. At the end of the day, we have to always ensure that our immune defense is always up and strong so that we can avoid highly severe infection from these viruses.” Continue reading

Organique Acai Premium Blend For A Healthy Brain

The brain is the most important part of the body. It works with our heart to keep us alive – as the heart pumps blood throughout our body, the brain sends signals to signals to different body systems to perform its individual functions. It is the brain that helps provide energy to our body, move our muscles, remember information, digest food, and the headquarters of our emotions.

Having good health is always on top of our priorities, especially now that face-to-face classes and work are back. As we prepare for this comeback, it’s important that our body is protected from diseases, has enough energy to face the challenges outside and the brain is powered up with certain foods and nutrients to keep it healthy and can power up the body. To help our brain function properly, consuming food that can strengthen us mentally is important. According to BBC Good Food, rich carbohydrate foods like rice and bread, give our brain the energy it needs to function, especially since it takes up 20% of our energy taken from glucose. Vitamins B, C, D and E are also essential for maintaining normal brain functions, forming nerves and protecting us from brain-related illnesses.  It was also mentioned by Harvard Health that antioxidants are important too to keep our brain healthy and protect it from oxidative stress from free radicals. The free radicals are molecules produced from regular body processes. When not removed, these free radicals can damage cells and increase our risk for diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and heart disease.  Continue reading