How To Teach Your Child About Mind-Body Connection

If you want to live a healthy, happy life, you need to understand the mind-body connection. You may find it hard, however, to undo years of programming telling you that your moods or feelings are unrelated to conditions in your body. Kids have a much easier time understanding, so you should teach yours as soon as possible. From children’s meditation to stretching exercises, there are plenty of fun ways to start today.

What Is Mind-Body Connection & Why Should Your Child Understand It?

The term “mind-body connection” refers to the simple concept that the feelings your brain produces are a reflection of your body’s needs. The mind and body are closely linked to one another because they are part of the same whole. If one isn’t getting what it needs, the other suffers. Continue reading

Bmx Bikes All You Should Know About

Numerous sports come into our minds when we think of an adventure, action, and sporty thing. There are many ways to add some excitement to your life and sport is one of the first choosing things. Several sports have been invented and became popular worldwide. If we look for a riding thing to do then ‘ bmx bikes’ is one of the popular trends for action. This is our topic on which we are going to talk in the discussion below.

Firstly, in the 1960s, ‘ Scott Breithaupt ‘ invented the sport called BMX in the US. This type of bike is only made for BMX sport which can be split as ‘ bicycle motocross ‘.  This sports was firstly popular in California, the US in the 1970s among teenagers. These types of bikes are lightweight and are lenient to transport. They are made for freeriding and drubbing around. They are reasonable to purchase. These bikes are designed the way that they need minor servicing and get repairs easily as it doesn’t contain gears in it. As the world is growing into urban areas these bikes fit the most into this environment for doing tricks on BMX track available.

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Alaska Fortified Basketball Power Camp 2019

Alaska Sports resume its Annual program in teaching young athletes the fundamental skills and core values of the game by holding Alaska Basketball Power Camp 2019.

This year, Alaska Basketball Power Camp are currently being held in Baguio and Manila, and today, it’s Bacolod time. Last April 14, 2019 was the Baguio leg that more than 300 kids joined the first leg of the camp in Baguio and had the first-hand opportunity to be trained by Alaska-certified coaches headed by the Power Camp Director, Philippine Basketball Association legend and Alaska Aces Assistant Coach Jeffrey Cariaso together with the Alaska Aces players Simon Enciso and Abel Galliguez. The Manila leg was held at Ateneo de Manila University last April 24, 2019 which was joined by more than 200 kids. Training the participants of Manila camp were the Alaska Aces Jake Pascual, Vic Manuel, Christopher Exciminiano, Chris Banchero, and Yutien Andrada spearheaded by Coach Jeffrey Cariaso.

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Gymnastics Benefits and the Best Air track Brand for Gymnast

Gymnastics sport is more into back-flip and forward roll. This performance requires physical strength, flexibility, power, agility, coordination, grace, balance, and control. Even though this kind of sport is just more on flipping, jumping and rolling, still just like any other sports the multitude of life skills and physical benefits will make them a better person and succeed in life. Sharing below are some beneficial factors of getting into gymnastics sports.

Flexibility, the prime factor in gymnastics sports. This is important in injury prevention and helping prevent the everyday aches and pains. Greater flexibility and control of the body can be attained through learning movements and combining them in routine.

Develop Social Skills. Getting into gymnastics sport provides an opportunity to develop social skills. Young ones learn how to stand in line, look, listen and be quiet when others are talking, work and think independently as well as how to be respectful. These can be practiced as they grow, set as a good example and become role models to others.
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