Bmx Bikes All You Should Know About

Numerous sports come into our minds when we think of an adventure, action, and sporty thing. There are many ways to add some excitement to your life and sport is one of the first choosing things. Several sports have been invented and became popular worldwide. If we look for a riding thing to do then ‘ bmx bikes’ is one of the popular trends for action. This is our topic on which we are going to talk in the discussion below.

Firstly, in the 1960s, ‘ Scott Breithaupt ‘ invented the sport called BMX in the US. This type of bike is only made for BMX sport which can be split as ‘ bicycle motocross ‘.  This sports was firstly popular in California, the US in the 1970s among teenagers. These types of bikes are lightweight and are lenient to transport. They are made for freeriding and drubbing around. They are reasonable to purchase. These bikes are designed the way that they need minor servicing and get repairs easily as it doesn’t contain gears in it. As the world is growing into urban areas these bikes fit the most into this environment for doing tricks on BMX track available.

Types of BMX Bikes

The evolution in making the different types of bikes made this sport and the bikes popular worldwide Which implements a new way of riding a new generation of bikes.

There are three types of bmx bikes popular in use and are in demand from many riders. These are ‘ the true BMX bike ‘, ‘ the freestyle bike ‘, ‘ dirt jumper / ‘ jumper ‘ bike. You should know these types as a conclusion of this topic.

  1. True BMX Bike
  • The first type of bike called a ‘ True BMX Bike ‘ was introduced in the 60s and became popular everywhere. They are built for riding on a dirt track and sloppy straight lands. After its launch very soon the kids everywhere were having the bike, even if they were a rider or not.
  • The structure and function of the bike were excellent which became a reason that children had desired the bike. The design of the bike was made for doing a stunt on a flat ground dirt area.
  • The material used in it was aluminum as it doesn’t rust and makes the bicycle lightweight. The structure of tires, handlebars, and other things made the bike easy to handle on risky roads. The launching of this bike created more interest in the BMX sport and bikes.
  1. The Freestyle Bike
  • The second bike was called ‘ The Freestyle Bike.’ This type of bike was made for riding on a ground-level dingy land. After the introduction of the ‘ true BMX bike,’ this came into popularity.
  • The children can use this bike for daily purposes like going to school, stores, free rides, etc. This time focus on construction was seen more in the bike rather than making it lightweight.
  • Everyone has a desire to have this type of bicycle because of its unique design and use which was one of the reasons behind the popularity of bmx bikes.
  1. Dirt Jumper / Jump Bike
  • The third type of bike was a ‘ Dirt Jumper / Jump Bike.’ This type of BMX bike was made for all age groups. As it was not an off-road bike but meant for riding exceptionally.
  • The name itself speaks of the use of this bike. This bike was built for riding on high and dirt-sloppy areas. Where the rider can fulfill his stunts on a higher level of the ground
  • The tracks were made with a slope like a ridge where the rider can take a jump at high. This type of bike and its use cached the rider’s attraction towards it. This was a great evolution in BMX bikes which led to the popularity.


We have discussed a lot about the bmx bikes and concluded the reasons behind the popularity of it. This is a never-ending sport that will attract more and more people everywhere in the world which led this sport to trend worldwide.


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