Where to Go for a Cebu Day Tour with Kids

Summer is about to end, yet everyone’s itinerary did not realize because of this COVID-19 pandemic. Since most of us are stuck inside our home, let’s enjoy traveling and make the most of the quarantine time by reading or watching travel post about the places we want to go, listing down things to do, and finding pocket-friendly accommodation in that place. This will be of help in forthcoming travel.

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Sirao Garden-Little Amsterdam: How to Get There

“Take nothing but pictures” – these are one of many reminders to visitors that can be seen in Sirao Garden–Little Amsterdam.

Have you been there? If not then I’ll take you and tour you with our one rainy day trip itinerary to Sirao Garden-Little Amsterdam. So sit back, chillax and enjoy the beautiful greenery surroundings, colorful flowers and “instagrammable” sites. You’ll also enjoy the Amsterdam inspired garden scenery like windmill and sculptures that add to the beauty of nature.

Actually, the day starts with a beautiful sunny Sunday. As planned with my colleagues, we woke up early morning so we can attend the first Sunday mass at Basilica del Santo Nino before having a day trip.

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Getting A Car And Travel Insurance In Singapore

Some quotes say, “Jobs fill your pocket but adventures fill your soul.” Everyone loves to travel to make some adventure into his or her lives. However, in traveling, they must remember their safety first. None of the travelers wants to take hitch while traveling. That is why they choose to take insurance with them. They will choose whether Car Insurance or Travel Insurance is the right thing for them or both.

Nevertheless, most of the travelers choose them both to avoid any circumstances.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance companies in Singapore offer three main types of motor insurance policies and two types of the motor insurance scheme.

Three Main Types of Motor Insurance:

Comprehensive car insurance that covers repair or replacement of the vehicle. If it is damaged or lost because of theft, accident, vandalism or weather-related damage. We recommend this type of car insurance if you do not have enough savings to replace the car, or are economically dependent on it.

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Process, Cost and Requirements in Obtaining Passport for Minor in the Philippines

A trip outside the country is one of the most awaited vacations of the family. Is your plan this year to spend Christmas holiday outside the country? If yes, surely kids in the house are very much excited. Part of the preparation for out of the country trip is to obtain passport especially for the little one in the family who doesn’t have yet. Why need a passport in going out of the country, how is the process, necessary documentary requirements and the cost of obtaining a passport for a minor in the Philippines? Read on so you may know the answer to these questions. This will be of help too for you in getting a passport especially for the new child in the family.

Passport is a travel document issued by the government in the country of a holder. This document certifies the identity as well as the nationality of passport owner primarily used for international travel. Actually, aside for travel purposes, the passport is a reliable and primary document and is accepted too for enrolling, opening bank accounts and other activities that require primary identification.

Ready to apply? Let’s do this! Sharing below are process and lists of passport requirement in obtaining for minor (below 18 years of age) in the Philippines.

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Couple Travel Gateway in Samar and Leyte

In life it’s not where the place you go to spend a vacation and relaxation, it’s who you travel with and create good memories. Many are aware that top country’s (Philippines) tourist destination the Island of Boracay is temporarily closed. However, aside from Boracay Island, there are amazing travel destinations too in the Philippines that maybe you have not been visited yet. These are the beautiful spots in the Visayas area particularly in Region 8 islands of Samar and Leyte. For couples who love to travel or individual who find their special someone in free dating website like Match Me Happy and want to travel and explore the beauty of nature in the Philippines, I am sharing below the best couple travel gateway in Samar and Leyte.

Just like couples, the islands of Samar and Leyte is strongly connected with the beautiful site of San Juanico Bridge, located in the Eastern Visayas part of Philippines. Samar and Leyte are rich in natural resources and beautiful sceneries that you will surely enjoy and tasty sweets and delicacies in every town of the region. Continue reading