Unlock the Joys of Learning with REX’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) Christmas Promos!

Running out of gift ideas? Worry no more! We’ve got you covered. For your peppy young ones, Rex Education has prepared a delightful array of surprises, especially for this holiday season.

Let every child explore and wonder. Let the fun in learning begin!

  1. Little Explorers Giveaway Promo

Buy any ‘Little Explorers’ and ‘Hello Animals’ regular-priced items worth PHP 350.00 and up, and receive a pencil case for free! This awesome deal is here for a limited time only. So, stock up on your Little Explorers and Hello Animals books now! The adventure of learning awaits your little ones, and so does a free pencil case!

  1. Little Explorers Color Crafts Bundle Promo

Immerse your little ones in vibrant fun with REX’s Little Explorers Color Crafts Bundle! When you purchase any two Little Explorers coloring books worth at least PHP 500.00, receive a set of REX’s colored pencils for free! This bundle guarantees hours of creative exploration, making it the perfect gift to unleash your child’s artistry and imagination. Remember—bundles are available for ages 3+ and ages 4+. Take advantage of this opportunity and add a splash of color to your child’s world this Christmas!

  1. Little Explorers Creative Scribbles Bundles

Get ready for a blast of fun with REX’s Creative Scribbles Bundles! Each bundle, now with a fantastic 15% discount, comes with four books designed to inspire your little artists to express themselves freely. With four different sets to choose from, these bundles are the perfect spark for their creativity. From simple scribbles to extraordinary art, watch as your child beams with a sense of accomplishment and self-expression. Time’s ticking! Hurry up and snag these limited-time bundles!

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Things You Can Do To Help Your Child With Their Educational Future

School and education in general are a necessary part of growing up for our children. You may be considering homeschooling or checking out all the different options of schooling and education available to your child, and often those early years can seem quite daunting. There is a level of expectation that you can and will do all you can to ensure that your child gets the very best out of the hours spent in a school environment. We hope that they can learn as much as they can and then as they get older, they can feel confident in their choices to move on to further education. 

Education isn’t just about the school setting. There are so many ways you can incorporate learning into everyday life and teach things that they just can’t get in a classroom. Life lessons and education that will help them thrive as an adult is just as important as well. As a parent, you will want to do what you can to help them with their educational future. With that in mind, here are some of the things you could consider.     

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Helper for Homework and Mastering Math & Arithmetic the Fun Way

Mathematics is the area of knowledge that includes topics of numbers, adding, dividing, multiplying and etc.  It is one of the school subjects that every child will have to deal with from early school years until college whatever field of education they enroll in. There is no escaping in Math, actually we use it more often and on a daily basis like checking time, making daily meals, shopping, playing and many more. 

Math is very important, it teaches us logic and order which is very helpful in our daily life. I admit, I had a rough time learning math when I was young, but since there is no escaping this subject, I search for ways so that history won’t repeat to my children. I am thankful to the genius app developer for creating such an app which helps my children learn math the fun way, stress-free solve math problems, enjoy playing math games and improve their math skills.

Do you want to know what app I’m talking about? Keep reading my post, because I will be sharing the latest EduTech, AI Math Tutor, and a global app that all learners can easily access anytime and anywhere for free using smart phones and tablets.

In today’s generation, gadgets have become the most preferable toys. As a parent, I took advantage of this by installing educational and interactive apps appropriate for their age. I set screen time where I can guide and teach them through play-way method especially about learning and mastering arithmetic. One of the educational apps we use is Mathpid (https://mathpid.com/): the best Math App for children to learn and master arithmetic the fun way. 

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How To Teach Entrepreneurship to Children

With degrees in teaching and marketing, Julie is a business professional and a founder of Miss M Online
Classes – the online project offering children 8+ business education around discovering and monetizing their
talents, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Some of you may be wondering why even start the conversation about kid entrepreneurship with
primary school-aged children. Doesn’t the common belief tell us that the focus of formative years is
on building the academic knowledge? I shared that belief before my own children started school.
Now, I am convinced that modern education should go hand-in-hand with practical learning, even
better – drive academic learning.

Here are a few facts. The Australian research identified earlier commercial sophistication as one of
the characteristics of generation alpha – today’s primary school children. Born between 2010 and
2025 and predicted to be the largest generation by the time they are all born, the kids about this
generation are called ‘screenagers’ due to their early screen exposure – before they even learn to
speak. Just think about this – the largest generation in the world’s history with high commercial
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Top 5 Fun and Learning Online Board Games To Play for Free

Video and online games are popular with youngsters nowadays. It offers enjoyment and imaginative adventure for the players. Aside from the fun that it brings to them, it is beneficial as well because it can help develop some skills like creativeness, self-expression, strategic thinking, decision making, teamwork, and many more. However, as parents, we must monitor the kind of online games they are playing, making sure that the game is safe, appropriate to their age, and should be beneficial and educational for them. Limiting screen time is also very important, especially when school days are back.

When is the best time for them to play games? 

Friday night and over the long weekend, holidays and family time. I have here a list of top 5 fun and learning online board games to play for free and applies to all ages. These games can be played on a math and educational website named Calculators.org. In no particular order let’s check them out and learn how to play these online board games.

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