Helper for Homework and Mastering Math & Arithmetic the Fun Way

Mathematics is the area of knowledge that includes topics of numbers, adding, dividing, multiplying and etc.  It is one of the school subjects that every child will have to deal with from early school years until college whatever field of education they enroll in. There is no escaping in Math, actually we use it more often and on a daily basis like checking time, making daily meals, shopping, playing and many more. 

Math is very important, it teaches us logic and order which is very helpful in our daily life. I admit, I had a rough time learning math when I was young, but since there is no escaping this subject, I search for ways so that history won’t repeat to my children. I am thankful to the genius app developer for creating such an app which helps my children learn math the fun way, stress-free solve math problems, enjoy playing math games and improve their math skills.

Do you want to know what app I’m talking about? Keep reading my post, because I will be sharing the latest EduTech, AI Math Tutor, and a global app that all learners can easily access anytime and anywhere for free using smart phones and tablets.

In today’s generation, gadgets have become the most preferable toys. As a parent, I took advantage of this by installing educational and interactive apps appropriate for their age. I set screen time where I can guide and teach them through play-way method especially about learning and mastering arithmetic. One of the educational apps we use is Mathpid ( the best Math App for children to learn and master arithmetic the fun way. 

Mathpid is a math learning app based on AI arithmetic service applicable for Preschool to Grade School. This math app enables children to learn math faster, solve math problems quickly and make calculations accurately. The powerful AI technology helps learners reduce study time and improve math skills based on each learner’s individual math ability. Through this app, learners can experience the wide range of math problems with digital learning compared to offline learning.

This educational app was developed in Korea, the world leader in Information and Communication Technology. A home to world-leading electronics and ICT companies such as Samsung, LG, SK, and KT. Speaking of world-leading, Mathpid App was launched by Woongjin ThinkBig Co., Ltd, the leading EdTech company in South Korea. It was released as a global app so that all students from all over the world can use this app for free. Yes, Mathpid can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store ( and Apple App Store with language available in English and Korean. Mathpid was the most downloaded App in the Philippines placed 7th ranking position. Holds more than 38 Edutech-related patents and more than ten core Artificial Intelligence (AI) education patents. Not just that, Mathpid also won the 2021 iF Design Award<UX Category> and 2022 SIIA CODiE Award<Best Use of AI in EdTech> Top4. With its 100,000 members from Korea using the app, it’s proven how effective and helpful this educational AI math app is for learners and parents. Users from the United States said their kids’ learning level has increased by an average of 7 after using Mathpid. It’s 42 years of education experience plus the advanced AI technology will absolutely  help build and improve your kids’ confidence in solving math problems.

Mahtpid application comes with Math Camera where it can recognize real time math problems by capturing from text book using camera function. The Math Camera function of Mathpid will recognize, process the picture and find the accurate answer for your kid. Furthermore, it provides step-by-step guide from that answer it also generates an unlimited number of similar problems where learners can use this to practice and familiarize with the concept. Such a very smart way to help kids master arithmetic. 

Mathpid app is user friendly and so fun to use. It comes with 30,000 plus questions, detailed bite-sized math videos with step-by-step explanations, parents and kids can use to learn and develop skills in math. Learning basic arithmetic like multiplication through play is fun with Mathpid Genie’s Math Farm Game. My kindergarten daughter enjoys playing this game. She is motivated to care for the plants and harvest them so she can save money to shop for Genie’s outfit. The numbers and computations shown in the game, let her learn multiplication at an early age. 

So, with the help of Mathpid app, learning arithmetic is now easy. It can be done any time and anywhere as long as you have your smartphone or tablet with you where the Mathpid app is installed and yes studying on notes using a pen is no longer necessary! I hope you have a wonderful bonding time with your child while doing arithmetic and activities in the Mathpid App.

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  1. Bryan says:

    There are so many useful apps for education purposes! Sharpening up one’s math skills is a good idea for any kid- it can go a long way in improving their school performance and Mathpid sounds like a good one to use.

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