Basic Things Responsible Car Owner Need to Do

Do you have your dream car already and is now free from the hassle of commuting going to work? Congratulations on a dream come true. Hopefully, it would be me next who is owning a car. I know you are excited now to drive your new car and have a road trip with your family and friends. Well, wait a minute, step on the car brake and stop, check if you already have done the following after acquiring your car. Have all these done are needed for you to drive freely, without worrying that you might get caught by the country’s enforcer and as a law-abiding citizen of the country.

What are these basic things responsible car owners need to do? These are vehicle registration at the Land Transportation Office and securing a car insurance Philippines. Now let me share some inputs on how to do these things.

Vehicle Registration

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Tips On How To Reduce Financial Hardship During The Pandemic

Navigating our lives during a pandemic is really hard. With health and safety being at the top of our concerns, financial worries hit us just as hard. COVID19 has caused people to lost their job or had their working hours cut, some had already received their last paycheck and some are finding it hard to find another job or start even a small business.

Amidst this crisis, let me share a few steps you can take to reduce the chances of facing financial hardship.

Know your household income

Nowadays, your financial situation might have changed and it’s time to reassess your income. If you or a member of your family lost work due to COVID-19, it’s time to revisit your budget. You have to start revising it accordingly and that means you have to reduce your electricity and water consumption, spending on food and rentals, or you might have to cancel some of your household subscriptions that are not really necessary for your daily survival.

It will not always be that easy and simple. If you have some debts in recent months, you’ll likely need to cut back your expenses even more and now might be the time to consider checking on any savings you have to cover some of your daily spending.

Reduce your expenses

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