Fun Ways To Teach Kids Financial Literacy

As parents, we want our children’s future to be happy and prosperous. We work hard and do our best to make a living for them to get a good education and a better life. Part of that good education is teaching them the value of money and how to make good financial decisions in a simple and meaningful way.

At what age is it appropriate for them to learn about the value of money? What are the simple and fun ways so they can understand it well and enjoy it while learning?

Starting at an early age is the wisest decision. Teaching them about money, financial concepts, and savings at an early age is beneficial. It can influence their spending and savings habits for a lifetime. They will remember and understand that money can make their future secure and stable future. If you think that teaching them about money at an early age is a difficult task and may find them boring, that was before because at this time there are many simple concepts, games, and other fun ways to teach our kids financial literacy.

As a mother, I’m always looking for easy and fun ways to teach my kids so they won’t find it boring. I am thankful for the latest technologies, financial literacy creators, websites, and app developers for creating such brilliant and fun tools that will be of help in introducing our kids to money, its value, and how to earn and spend wisely. Here are some great books, ways, business classes, and financial literacy games that you can reference to teach your little one all about money.

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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

No Tricks, All Treat!

Halloween is one of the most awaited holiday kids look forward to, especially my daughter. She’s excited to dress up in costume and receive sweet treats. Well, it’s not just my daughter that is excited for Halloween, I am as well.

As a mom, one of the things I look forward to this holiday is thinking of what costume my kid should be wearing. Am I going to buy something which unfortunately costs a lot or have a DIY costume using recycled materials? Practically and at less cost, making a DIY Halloween costume is the best option. It might need creativity, time and effort, but once you see how happily dress up and look pretty cute the kids in your handmade love creation, it’s worth it.

Here are some DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for kids that I created for my daughter using old clothes and recycled materials.

Pumpkin Costume

This adorable costume is easy to make. You can buy fabric in orange color or use an old orange shirt to recreate a pumpkin costume. In this, I use alpha gene Gina pongee fabric, unused shoe lace, black felt cloth for pumpkin face. A little sewing of cloth on the sides and glued the pumpkin face, this cute DIY Pumpkin makes my daughter so adorable. This is her first ever Halloween. The cost? It’s less than one hundred pesos.


Maleficent Costume

Embrace your inner evil with this DIY Maleficent Costume I personally created for my daughter. Everything is handmade from signatured horned headpiece, staff and wings. I upcycle an old mini black dress into her costume. The wings are made of cardboard covered with black cartolina paper shaped into tiny feathers. As for her staff, I used a branch of a tree, covered it with black electrical tape and topped a light up bouncy ball. The horned headpiece is from her old headband, I just printed a horn pattern from the web, traced it in cardboard, then covered it with black ribbon, and glued it into the headband.  Continue reading DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Top 5 Fun and Learning Online Board Games To Play for Free

Video and online games are popular with youngsters nowadays. It offers enjoyment and imaginative adventure for the players. Aside from the fun that it brings to them, it is beneficial as well because it can help develop some skills like creativeness, self-expression, strategic thinking, decision making, teamwork, and many more. However, as parents, we must monitor the kind of online games they are playing, making sure that the game is safe, appropriate to their age, and should be beneficial and educational for them. Limiting screen time is also very important, especially when school days are back.

When is the best time for them to play games? 

Friday night and over the long weekend, holidays and family time. I have here a list of top 5 fun and learning online board games to play for free and applies to all ages. These games can be played on a math and educational website named In no particular order let’s check them out and learn how to play these online board games.

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How To Teach Your Child About Mind-Body Connection

If you want to live a healthy, happy life, you need to understand the mind-body connection. You may find it hard, however, to undo years of programming telling you that your moods or feelings are unrelated to conditions in your body. Kids have a much easier time understanding, so you should teach yours as soon as possible. From children’s meditation to stretching exercises, there are plenty of fun ways to start today.

What Is Mind-Body Connection & Why Should Your Child Understand It?

The term “mind-body connection” refers to the simple concept that the feelings your brain produces are a reflection of your body’s needs. The mind and body are closely linked to one another because they are part of the same whole. If one isn’t getting what it needs, the other suffers. Continue reading How To Teach Your Child About Mind-Body Connection

 Duck Hat Craft for Kids

Hello there! It’s been ages since I made a post about Kid’s Educational Activities. 

In this comeback post of mine, I will be sharing DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Duck Hat Craft for Kids. This is, actually one of my toddler’s school performance tasks in PNE (Physical and Natural Environment) lesson for the 3rd quarter of online learning. Their topic for the quarter is about animals, their houses, foods, different body coverings, movement, and names of adult and baby animals.

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