Top 5 Fun and Learning Online Board Games To Play for Free

Video and online games are popular with youngsters nowadays. It offers enjoyment and imaginative adventure for the players. Aside from the fun that it brings to them, it is beneficial as well because it can help develop some skills like creativeness, self-expression, strategic thinking, decision making, teamwork, and many more. However, as parents, we must monitor the kind of online games they are playing, making sure that the game is safe, appropriate to their age, and should be beneficial and educational for them. Limiting screen time is also very important, especially when school days are back.

When is the best time for them to play games? 

Friday night and over the long weekend, holidays and family time. I have here a list of top 5 fun and learning online board games to play for free and applies to all ages. These games can be played on a math and educational website named In no particular order let’s check them out and learn how to play these online board games.

Guess Who Game

A classic and amazing game where players select a character and ask questions to try to reveal who the other player chose as their character before they get unmasked by the competing player. Guess Who is a fun game to play with family and a great way for kids to develop their descriptive vocabulary like colors, sizes, body parts, shapes and others that are applicable.

To play this game you have to choose a character and then begin to ask process-of elimination questions that can be seen at the bottom of the screen. You have to click on the left or right arrows near the questions and then click on the check box when you have the question you want to ask selected.

Simon Says Simulator

One of many memory games where players must remember which order the lights are being activated and replicate it. Any of the lights (red, blue, yellow or green) can be lit in any order, including the same light being activated multiple times consecutively. Simon Says is a simple, easy and fun way to develop, identify and understand different things. 

The game begins when a button is lit and a tone sounds plays. The players must click that same light and the game will be over after a single incorrect answer. An additional light is added to the sequence for every added round.

3D Rubik’s Cube

A popular three dimensional puzzle game where players try to match colors on each side of the cube. The 3D Rubik’s Cube online game is best for children for it helps improve memory, problem-solving skills, patience, and strengthen determination  and concentration to solve the puzzle.

To play this game, you have to click on and drag any of the three rows or columns of the cube to rotate them and move color pieces around. In order to rotate the side of the cube, players can place their finger or cursor outside the cube edge. The timer begins as soon as the player rotates a section of the cube.

Chess Game Online

A standard online version of the board game chess where a player can choose to play against the computer or a human opponent using the same computer. Playing Cheese Game is incredibly a great pastime and beneficial to players because it results in better brain function, develops memory and cognitive abilities, and strategic thinking.

Start the game by choosing a single player or two player game. A single player you can play against the computer while two players can play against another human player sharing your computer. The first player controls the white pieces and the computer or second player controls the black pieces. Visit Cheese Game Online to know the detailed information and functions of these pieces.

Chutes and Ladders Board Game Online

A simple online board game that can be played by up to five friends competing against each other using dice. Chutes and Ladders is an exciting and fun game. This is more of a game of luck, but it allows players to easily understand the concept of Mathematics and explore the different social emotional issues. 

Start the game by selecting the orange and white play button in the lower center of the game’s welcome screen. Select a playing board you prefer to play. Is it snakes and ladders or chutes and ladders? Then, select the opponent if human or computer. You can roll the dice in the lower right corner of the screen while the computer player automatically rolls the dice for themselves. Chutes: if you land at the top of a chute you will fall to the bottom. Ladders: if you land at the bottom of a ladder you will climb to the top of it. The first player to make it square 100 wins. 

Do you have lists of educational games?  Feel free to share in the comments below.


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