The global health crisis, for sure, has impacted us in various ways, whether financially, mentally, or physically. And yes, because of these uncertain times, we realized the significance of health for ourselves and our family. That is why prioritizing health is now considered a vital investment and not an optionContinue Reading

Looking for a home to buy? Lumina Homes the affordable housing of Vista Land is a perfect choice. Here are the five (5) simple steps to purchasing your Lumina home reservation discounted e-vouchers from Shopee: Step 1. Follow and visit Lumina Homes official at on Shopee Mall. Step 2. Browse the highlighted orContinue Reading

School is finally back in session at the Department of Education has declared August 22 as the first day of classes. While blended learning is still the mandate, schools have kicked-off their preparations for face to face classes through Brigada Eskwela, inspiring community-wide effort and collaboration to prepare the schoolsContinue Reading

The current increases in food prices contribute to the problem in accessing sufficient nutrition and healthy food choices in Filipino households. With higher prices across different commodities, homemakers now face a greater challenge in budgeting while they strive to prepare nutritious and delicious dishes to help safeguard the health ofContinue Reading