Tried and Tested Relaxing Activities and Its Benefits for Babies and Kids


Babies and kids lives are so simple, most activities they do are learning to crawl, walk, talk, eating, playing and studying. However, no matter how simple their lives are, they can still experience stress. Stress, a body’s physical, chemical and emotional reaction to a crushing, confusing or exciting situation. Calming down and engaging the body into relaxing activities are the best thing to do. How? Here are tried and tested relaxing activities and its benefits for babies and kids.

Spa. Baby spa is done by letting baby float, unwind with floating neck collar of course for their safety in a warm water. The benefits of baby spa provide relaxation to the baby such as can sleep easier and eliminates toxin in the body. The relaxation they benefit from spa will prevent the so-called sleep disorders. The floating and subtle water pressure on the chest can increase lung capacity by strengthening intercostal muscles and the respiratory system.  

Massage. The old and longstanding way to relax babies and kids. This activity helps relieve gas and colic, constipation, teething discomfort, and cramps. Each message may stimulate babies and kids muscular development and growth as well as the learning and concentration. Actually, massage relaxes the adults too, so if you feel stressed, have a minute of body massage to keep you relax and energized.

Lastly, but I guess there’s more,

Music to Calm Down. Keep calm and let your little one listen to music. This is absolutely effective, tried and tested not just for babies and kids but for the adult as well. Actually, I’m listening to music while writing this post. Music lowers stress, improves health and thinking power. It is best to let babies listen to wonderful lullabies before bedtime to keep them relax and improves mental well-being and help raise IQs.

Take note, life in this world is pretty full and irresistible sometimes, when it arises, it’s important that we know how to take a break and deal whit it.

Don’t forget to enjoy life!

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  1. When I was younger music always helped me relax so I imagine that’s universal. Definitely going to keep these in mind for the future.

  2. These things fit into that category of I wish I knew then what I know know. I never heard of these things, except the music, were good for babies when my four were little. My grandchildren benefit from them though so it’s a plus.

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