How Does CBD Work

CBD oil is all the rage these days, with vendors popping up seemingly everywhere you look both online and in the real world. You’ve almost certainly heard of it and you may know that it has some kind of connection to marijuana, but do you know any more than that?

If you’ve ever wondered what the big deal with CBD is, why it’s so popular, what it is, and how it works, consider this you’re jumping-on point. Whether you decide it’s right for you or not, it’s important to be knowledgeable enough to join the conversation, as all signs point to CBD sticking around for a long, long time.

What is it?

CBD stands for “cannabidiol,” a chemical naturally found in cannabis plants. Most people automatically associate cannabis with marijuana, but another form of cannabis is hemp. Both plants produce cannabidiol, but marijuana also produces a large amount of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Hemp does not.

THC is the chemical that gets marijuana users high, while CBD works solely to improve mood, increase appetite, relax anxiety, ease both chronic and acute pain, alleviate nausea, lower blood pressure, and control seizures. CBD oil, which is typically extracted from legal hemp plants, provides all the benefits of marijuana without the mind-altering effects.

How does it work?

One of the many systems within the human body is the endocannabinoid system, which is crucial in maintaining an even balance of your natural internal chemistry. This system is made up of two kinds of receptors, C1 and C2. The former is primarily found in the brain, liver, kidneys, and lungs, while the latter is found in the immune system.

The cannabinoids within CBD stimulate your endocannabinoid system’s receptors, helping them to work more efficiently. This is what allows CBD to have such therapeutic effects on people. Even more impressive, in addition to its aforementioned benefits scientists believe CBD may also be able to help treat certain kinds of cancers and neurological disorders.

How is it used?

There are many delivery methods for introducing CBD into the body, some being a matter of simple preference while others are designed to specifically target distinct needs. CBD can either be ingested or absorbed under the tongue, although the fastest way of introducing it into the bloodstream is through the vaporization of purified CBD concentrates called “dabs.”

Additionally, CBD users can increase the effectiveness of specific properties by using “high terp drops.” These are naturally occurring plant oils that work in conjunction with CBD to amplify cannabidiol’s various properties. As researchers continue unlocking this compound’s secrets and figuring out new ways to enhance it, the popularity and utility of CBD are unlikely to stop growing any time soon.

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7 thoughts on “How Does CBD Work

  1. Blair villanueva says:

    I haven’t tried using products with CBD. Maybe I will check this and see if it suits me and got no allergy reaction.

  2. Jayne says:

    Cbd works for people who really needs it! I tried a cbd drink that helps for calming but i ended up with a head ache. Turns out, i dont really need it ? consider this! It might work for you

  3. Danica Marasigan says:

    It’s my first time to hear of CBD oil because I am more familiar with essential oils. I am not surprised with its benefits because it is known to have medicinal advantages to one’s health when taken in moderation.

    Will try to look for it online and research further. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Misskhae says:

    I know about this CBD oil kasi pwede syang treatment sa mga dogs and I have used it to treat my furbaby a month ago na nagseseizure sya 🙂

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