Oopsie Heroes: Your Toddler’s Hero for Good Nights and Great Mornings

One of the many parenting accomplishments that worth being proud of is when we parents exclude diaper expenses because of a successful potty-training.

Potty-training is not an easy thing to do particularly night time. Admit it; sometimes it is nerve-wracking when we find that our toddler has wet bedsheets in the morning. When this happens, just cool down, remember that bedwetting is a normal part of growing up and we are there to help and train them to cope up with this issue. There are many ways to help stop the bedwetting and I recently met a superhero who will help us parents succeed in potty-training and have our toddler good nights and great mornings.

You want to know who that super hero I’m talking about?

Meet Oopsie Heroes: Your potty-training partner and toddler’s hero for good nights and great mornings.

Oopsie Heroes is a small size sensor bedwetting alarm for kids developed in the Netherlands. In collaboration with 100 children, this device has a success rate of 90% within 3 months of use. It is created to help parents in potty-training their toddlers and resolve bedwetting night time in a fun and simple way. Oopsie Heroes comes in a box with a small size sensor, manual on how to use the sensor, and double-sided adhesive stickers to use for attaching the sensor to the toddler’s underwear or sleepwear.  The sensor is connected to the Oopsie Heroes App which can be downloaded for FREE in Google Play or App Store. I have a detailed procedure on how to use this bedwetting alarm and how it works. Check it out below to know-how and my verdict of using this product.

How to use and how it works

Using Oopsie Heroes bedwetting alarm is very simple and the instructions in manual are user friendly.

First – Download the Oopsie Heroes-Bedwetting Alarm app into your iPhone or Android Phone and installed it. Once installed open the app, to start you need to input an email address, kid’s age, and pick a hero icon.

Second – Take a double-sided adhesive sticker and stick it on the sensor. Remove the paper layer; stick the sensor to your kid’s undies or sleepwear.

Third – Activate the Oopsie Heroes app in the device where you installed. Select an alarm sound or record your voice, this can be found on the top left side of the Oopsie Heroes App.    

Now, we are done learning to use this bedwetting alarm, let’s proceed to how this works as a partner especially nighttime potty-training.

During the nighttime, while your toddler is asleep and when an Oopsie moment happens the sensor will send a harmless signal to the mobile device running the Oopsie Heroes App. The mobile device will make a sound you selected waking up your toddler so he/she can go to the toilet. Oopsie Heroes app logs bedwetting events for parents to track the pattern and understand when a toddler needs support or motivation after a successful dry night. Within 6 to 12 weeks or shorter than that, the Oopsie Heroes routine will help train toddler’s brain to recognize the signals from the bladder, allowing them to wake up on their own and use the toilet before wetting the bed.

Mom’s Verdict

I’ve been a mom for more than 11 years, but this is my first time to use a nighttime potty-training device. Yes, I received this product for free; however, my verdict for this product is honest and based on experience.

Excited to know? Here’s my verdict.

Oopsie Heroes is sent to me via FedEx Courier, unboxing video is posted in my growing Youtube Channel click this link to watch, please subscribe and ring the bell. The first impression is great; I’m talking about the product packaging, materials used, and design. It comes with a durable square size box with eye-catching superheroes design, stars, and rockets. Venice thought that inside the box is a toy because of its superheroes printed design. To not disappoint her, I just said that this will be the friendly hero that will help her in nighttime potty-training.

I tried Oopsie Heroes with my toddler and we are now on the first week of using the alarm.

So what happens now?

Well, as instructed in the manual, we followed it and it does alarm when my toddler gets wet. As to effectiveness, it’s too early to disclose and give my verdict for we are just in the first week of using. I’m looking forward to achieving a successful goal of night time potty-training with Oopsie Heroes. I will keep you updated with the progress and the success rate of using this bedwetting alarm after twelve weeks of use.

Overall I’m very much impressed with the idea of Oopsie Heroes developer. If you are interested to try you may purchase it online at www.oopsieheroes.com for €88, 95 which around 4,800 in Philippine Peso.

Feel free to send your inquiries and follow them on social media channels

Email – info@oopsieheroes.com

Website – www.oopsieheroes.com

Facebook – Oopsie Heroes

Instagram – @oopsie_heroes

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