Useful Laundry Tips for the Rainy Days

Washing dirty clothes are part of our weekly routine that we can’t get rid of. How often do you do the laundering? I do it twice a week, Wednesday night, and Sunday morning. Are you asking why Sunday, instead of Saturday which is mostly done? Well, because Sunday is my only off from 6 days of office work. Doing laundry didn’t stress me out, first I have a machine partner, and second I keep it organized. I love washing especially when Mr. Sun shines brightly, but the weather is not permanent, rain or shine we have to do the laundry.

Rainy day is the tough time especially in the drying process of clothes. So, how to do the laundry during rainy day and keeping it fresh? I have here some useful laundry tips for rainy days that you can apply. Hopefully these tips I’m sharing would be of great help to your laundering especially in achieving clothes that still smells fresh even during rainy days.

Tip #1 – Segregates clothes from super urgent and not

Since it is rainy season limited space and in-door drying of clothes is possible, prioritize to laundry the clothes that are infrequent use. During the final rinse of your laundry, it is better to use a fabric conditioner to keep the freshness even drying is done in-door. To save time in segregation, better to use two baskets to stack your laundry clothes.

Tip #2 Make sure that your washing machine is clean before using

Having a washing machine at home especially the rainy season is a big help in laundry time. If you don’t have yet, now is the time to invest, buy a washing machine. There are many types of washing machine available in the market, an automatic washing machine for sale can also be found in the online market which you can purchase at reasonable price. Having washing is great not only during the rainy season. You can laundry and at the same times do other things that need to be done. Just take note that before you do the laundering of your clothes, make sure that your washing machine is clean. Deodorize it to avoid mold and bacteria that can cause to stinky odor to your clothes.

Tip #3 How to dry clothes quickly during rainy season

Hanging clothes out-door to dry is impossible during rainy season; your only choice is to have it in-door or . To quickly dry clothes, drip excess water before putting them on washing machine dryer. If you are doing the traditional hand washing of laundry remove also excess water, hang it first in the bathroom till no water flow from the clothes. Hang clothes using individual hanger or drying rack. Do not overlap your laundry when hanging. Those clothes that are in need immediately and in need of overnight drying, expose it to the electric fan air set in number three or air-conditioned room to let it dry quickly. Iron your clothes after drying it in-door particularly the thick parts with a little damp.

What is your laundry tip during rainy season? Feel free to share it with us by leaving comment on this post.

Happy laundering!

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15 thoughts on “Useful Laundry Tips for the Rainy Days

  1. Jennifer Espina says:

    Hi Dorry!

    This is a short but useful content.

    I usually do my laundry twice a week, too because like you, I’m a working mom. My struggle is the “amoy-kulob” especially kasi nagbababad pa ako bago nagwa-washing machine. Added to this is the rainy season nga when we can’t dry clothes outside. I do not have a dryer but I use naman fabric conditioner, still sometimes ganoon pa rin ang amoy. Any more advise?

    Anyways, I like it here in your blog. I will subscribe in your email list.

  2. Graz Covz Guyle says:

    Salamat sa tips ma! Mahirap nga talaga magpatuyo ng damit lalot rainy season na! I also use fabcon at pinipiga ko yung excess water bag magsampay.

  3. Lyka Mitra says:

    Helpful po itong tips na ito lalo na po rainy seasons at napaka hirap po magpatuyo ng damit na hindi nag aamoy kulob.. ?

  4. Criselda Benin Alarcon says:

    Naglalaba po ako araw araw since may maliit ako anak, nakakaraming damit sila sa isang araw. Kaya I decide maglaba araw araw para Hindi ako matambakan? Salamat po sa pagshare Ng mga tips momsh??

  5. sosingerica says:

    Very useful po etong mga tips po na eto mommy. Lalo na po sa panahon ngayon. Kelangan po tlaga natin maging madiskarte sa paglalaba ng ating mga damit. If tuloy tuloy ang ulan Mas okay na labhan lamg natin Kung ano Yun kelangan lang natin. ?

  6. MA D EL says:

    Thank you po sa mga tips ma,until now wala pa kaming washing machine,ito po talaga unang nasa list ko pinagpuyatan iipunan pa.

  7. Antoniette Sanchez David says:

    Thank you po sa tips talaga malaking tulong ito lalo na sa mga nanay na naglalaba katulad ko very helpful para samin ito

  8. Laarni S. Tarray says:

    Thank You for sharing this mommy.

    Ako po every other day naglalaba kapag maulan para Hindi po natatabakan at hindi loaded ang sampayan

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