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Hello there! This amazing opportunity will only knock your door for one month. It’s up to you if you’ll open and take or reject them.

Every business may it new, small, or big needs promotion to attract attention and invite customers. There are many ways of promoting business, some are costly and others are FREE. These days’ social media platforms play a vital role in promoting business. Why? Because of its worldwide market coverage.

If you want to promote your business or products/services but have a shortage of fund for the advertisement fees, Mom’s Shout Out Can help you. You can promote it here and in my social media accounts FREE of charge. I will feature your business, products and services for one week here in blog and social channels with followers and audience not just from the Philippines but worldwide.

How to promote your business Mom’s Shout Out?

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Singapore’s Overseas Filipinos Seen to Benefit Greatly from LBC-Kabayan Remittance Tie-Up

LBC has good news for Filipinos based in Singapore. Kabayan Remittance PTE LTD. Singapore, a leading remittance company that serves the money remittance needs of many Filipinos in Singapore has just officially become LBC’s newest remittance partner! 

This new partnership between Kabayan Remittance PTE LTD. Singapore and LBC creates and provides Filipinos with the fastest, safest, most convenient, and most reliable money remittance service from Singapore to the Philippines to date.  With the tie-up, clients of Kabayan Remittance and their chosen beneficiaries gain immediate access to more than 1400 LBC branches throughout the Philippines and may select any of these branches as contact points to accept their remittances. Not only can customers utilize LBC’s vast network through the Kabayan Remittance, they can also bank on LBC’s expertise and reliability in ensuring that the remittances sent by Overseas Filipinos to their loved ones are delivered effectively and efficiently. 

LBC actively seeks for ways to expand and grow. By partnering with companies like Kabayan Remittance PTE LTD. Singapore, LBC is able to reach more places across the globe and provide global Filipinos with the superior money remittance service they deserve.  
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