5 Proven Strategies To Help Craft The Perfect Business Idea

Anyone who has ever wanted to start a business has to start somewhere. Nobody simply conjured an idea and became a success overnight. Some people got success fairly quickly, but those examples are few and far between. When it comes to starting a business, you have to be creative and have your wits about you. Simply coming up with the right product or service can be tedious, but not impossible. 

People spend decades trying to come up with the best possible idea, and some struggle throughout. The wonderful thing is that there will always be something around the corner that can solve problems. It’s just a case of knowing what steps to take exactly. If you want to step into the world of business and create something wonderful of your own, here are a few ideas: 

Find The Right Gap In The Market 

This kind of thing really is the golden ticket. It’s much easier said than done. If we could go find the gap in the market to exploit, we would all be extremely successful. Once you have found a particular gap, you can begin working on something special. It is something you have to sit down and really think about, however, because there are so many different people all trying to do the same thing and finding things out every single day. 

Use Your Personal Skills And Experiences 

At the end of the day, there will be things that you are really good at and things that you have been through. One of the worst things you can do is choose a particular field that you have seen somebody excel in. You may feel as though you can replicate their success because it looks easy when they do it. You have to pick something that you care about, and that you are good at in order to reach success, however, because you will be bored of it or struggle throughout.  Continue reading

Flash Portable Studio: Redefining Photo Booths with Magic Mirror

Flash Portable Studio is proud to announce a new portable booth in the world of photo booths and self-shoot studios. With the introduction of their magic mirror booth, they are redefining the way people capture and preserve special moments. 

Unlike traditional photo booths, the magic mirror booth from Flash Portable Studio empowers individuals to become the photographers of their own memories. With a simple touch of the screen, users can capture genuine smiles and spontaneous memories, as if they have a touch of magic at their fingertips. What sets it apart is the ability to instantly print photos, providing tangible mementos in real-time. 

The core philosophy of Flash Portable Studio is embodied in their slogan, “Minimalist moments, flash your magic. Flash a smile, capture the magic.” The business believes in the power of simplicity and aims to capture authentic moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. The magic mirror booth is not just a photo-taking device; it serves as a catalyst for creating unforgettable memories. 

Flash Portable Studio offers an extraordinary experience that captivates individuals from the moment they step into their portable studio. The magic begins with seeing their reflection in the mirror and continues as they embark on capturing their unique moments. The interactive nature of the mirror booth enhances the entertainment factor, ensuring an unparalleled level of enjoyment for users.  Continue reading

8 Ways to Improve Your Sari-Sari Store Business

Hindi mawawala ang mga sari-sari store sa bawat barangay. Nasa probinsya ka man or living your city life dreams, lagi kang makakahanap ng maaasahan na sari-sari store malapit sa iyong bahay. Pero, kung marami nang sari-sari store at convenience shops, paano mo nga ba maaaring gawing stand out ang iyong sari-sari store negosyo?

Isa ka bang owner ng sari-sari store business or naghahanap ka ng sari sari store ideas to kickstart your newest business from home? Ito ang mga maaari mong gawin para mag-improve at mas palaguin pa ang iyong sari-sari store business!

1.     Cater to your customers

The best way to boost your business is to know your market. Maaaring sari-sari at iba’t-iba ang iyong produkto, pero make sure na patok sa iyong customers ang iyong mga paninda.

Kung ang location ng iyong sari-sari store ay malapit sa isang basketball o iba pang sports courts, siguraduhin na laging may stock ng energy drinks, bottled water, o ice tubig. Patok rin ang mga merienda items at school supplies kung ikaw ay malapit sa school zone.

2.     Make a good first impression

Sabi nga nila, first impression lasts! Kaya naman dapat na presentable at attractive ang iyong store front. Maganda rin kung maglalabas ng puhunan para sa magandang store signature or name card. Kung may budget, maglagay rin ng lights, decoration, at iba pang palamuti para makuha ang attention ng iyong mga customer.

3.     Prioritize the comfort of your customers

Dito sa Pilipinas, ang mga sari-sari at convenience store ay more than its products. Karamihan ng mga sari-sari store na may loyal customers ay may upuan – nasa tapat man ito ng tindahan o simpleng bangko lang sa bangketa. Tandaan, maaari ring dumami ang binibili ng isang customers kung magtatagal siya sa sari-sari store. Continue reading

How To Teach Entrepreneurship to Children

With degrees in teaching and marketing, Julie is a business professional and a founder of Miss M Online
Classes – the online project offering children 8+ business education around discovering and monetizing their
talents, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Some of you may be wondering why even start the conversation about kid entrepreneurship with
primary school-aged children. Doesn’t the common belief tell us that the focus of formative years is
on building the academic knowledge? I shared that belief before my own children started school.
Now, I am convinced that modern education should go hand-in-hand with practical learning, even
better – drive academic learning.

Here are a few facts. The Australian research identified earlier commercial sophistication as one of
the characteristics of generation alpha – today’s primary school children. Born between 2010 and
2025 and predicted to be the largest generation by the time they are all born, the kids about this
generation are called ‘screenagers’ due to their early screen exposure – before they even learn to
speak. Just think about this – the largest generation in the world’s history with high commercial
aptitude! Continue reading

Summer Business Ideas For Extra Income

Need extra cash? No problem! It’s time to get creative with how you can earn additional income this summer, whether you’re a full-time student or employee. Here are a few business ideas:

1. Be an online tutor.

Since online classes are the norm right now, parents might not have the time to help their kids with homework as they’re busy working from home. You can offer your services as an online tutor to assist friends’ or relatives’ kids struggling to adapt to this new normal.

2. Be a proofreader.

Online communication is so important right now with everything happening either on a mobile device or a computer. If you have a good grasp of technology and have a good command of the English language (or Filipino) then this job may be for you. You can read through articles and assignments, and then make changes when you spot misspellings or grammatical errors the same way you might be doing for the assignment of your kids. If this is something you can do, let your friends and relatives know that you are free to edit their written work.

3. Sell pre-loved items!

You might have gained a bit of weight due to the lockdown or realized you have old things that are rarely used. Turn to online platforms like Shopee, Lazada, or Carousell to declutter your old things and make money at the same time! Just make sure what you’re selling is still usable and in good working condition.

Continue reading