How To Teach Entrepreneurship to Children

With degrees in teaching and marketing, Julie is a business professional and a founder of Miss M Online
Classes – the online project offering children 8+ business education around discovering and monetizing their
talents, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Some of you may be wondering why even start the conversation about kid entrepreneurship with
primary school-aged children. Doesn’t the common belief tell us that the focus of formative years is
on building the academic knowledge? I shared that belief before my own children started school.
Now, I am convinced that modern education should go hand-in-hand with practical learning, even
better – drive academic learning.

Here are a few facts. The Australian research identified earlier commercial sophistication as one of
the characteristics of generation alpha – today’s primary school children. Born between 2010 and
2025 and predicted to be the largest generation by the time they are all born, the kids about this
generation are called ‘screenagers’ due to their early screen exposure – before they even learn to
speak. Just think about this – the largest generation in the world’s history with high commercial
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LookingFour Your Buy and Sell E-Commerce Partner

Want to buy or sell something hassle-free and spending less on promotion?

Look for it or sell it online.

Yes, as we are now in the techy world we mostly use the internet as a means of communication, shopping, and searching information, promoting business worldwide is just a click away. Adopting this kind of marketing is possible for all businesses minded people, start-up entrepreneurs and everyone who is planning to buy and sell or promote Preloved items for sale.

You don’t need to be a techno geek and invest tons of capital in order to enter into the digital world of marketing. All you need to have is an internet connection and LookingFour, your safe and reliable e-commerce partner that will help in promoting your products and services to the market. 

About LookingFour

A startup e-commerce platform for Filipinos where buying online is better with sigurado sellers. Registering to LookingFour is free. Users can buy and sell anything from brand new to preloved items, set their own shop name and provide a description for it. There are three (3) levels  of ranking as a LookingFour member to verify, ensure the safety of shoppers and avoid scammers or fake accounts. These 3 levels of verification ranking are as follows: Continue reading

Summer Business Ideas For Extra Income

Need extra cash? No problem! It’s time to get creative with how you can earn additional income this summer, whether you’re a full-time student or employee. Here are a few business ideas:

1. Be an online tutor.

Since online classes are the norm right now, parents might not have the time to help their kids with homework as they’re busy working from home. You can offer your services as an online tutor to assist friends’ or relatives’ kids struggling to adapt to this new normal.

2. Be a proofreader.

Online communication is so important right now with everything happening either on a mobile device or a computer. If you have a good grasp of technology and have a good command of the English language (or Filipino) then this job may be for you. You can read through articles and assignments, and then make changes when you spot misspellings or grammatical errors the same way you might be doing for the assignment of your kids. If this is something you can do, let your friends and relatives know that you are free to edit their written work.

3. Sell pre-loved items!

You might have gained a bit of weight due to the lockdown or realized you have old things that are rarely used. Turn to online platforms like Shopee, Lazada, or Carousell to declutter your old things and make money at the same time! Just make sure what you’re selling is still usable and in good working condition.

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Ideal Home-Based Income Opportunities for Moms

If you are a mother who want to generate income without leaving the home, these two ideal home-based income opportunities for moms will be of help. These kind or income generating opportunities needs utilities such as desktop computer or laptop, internet access and telephone.

Online Boutique

For moms out there with princes or princesses and love to dress them up, make this passion into an income generating one. Learn about how to make tutu dress and kids costume from YouTube tutorial then create your own design, contour of tutu dress and costumes then sell them online. Aside from tutu dress making, you can as well create personalised headband and sell it online just like what I do. The better option to promote your business online is by using online store builder or other social media platform. Through this you can sell, promote, and grow your customers from all over the world. Actually, I’m running an online boutique in Facebook Page named Fashion e-Shoppe by Venice Maxine. A fashion boutique offering tutu dress, kid’s apparels, crochet and baby shoes and my very own creation which is the personalised headband. Want to have your own business with zero investment? Ask me how, I am accepting resellers of personalised headband with exclusive resellers price.

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Sun Life Financial Advisor and Its Benefits

Being able to provide the needs of our family gives nothing but a satisfying feeling inside. Much more if we extend the support by providing their wants too. Working as an employee alone doesn’t make that possible. Hence, many of us opted for second work or taking up sidelines just to make ends meet. And today, you’ll learn how Sun Life can help you make ends meet by being a Financial Advisor.

The Sun Life History


 Talking about reliability, Sun Life has been in the country for over 120 years already. It had survived 2 world wars and among the life insurance company in the country, only Sun Life had released funds to people without records in hand. That’s how financially stable the company is despite what the country had experienced.

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