Strengthen Your Immune System to Fight Off Viral Infections

The monsoon season invites the increase of flu and other health illnesses in several people in the country. It is very important to be extra-careful during this rainy season to prevent catching a cold, flu and getting other illnesses that are common during this season. Being knowledgeable on certain remedies to cope with such illnesses is a big help. The host of Wellness Wednesdays show’s recent episode mentioned that viral infections are the proliferation of a harmful virus within the body. These viral infections most commonly involve the nose to the throat, and upper airways, the nervous systems, gastrointestinal and reproductive systems.

Doctor Sarah Barba – Cabodil, an expert and specialist in aesthetic dermatology and integrative medicine stated that “Viral infections and viruses can be very mild or can be very severe. At the end of the day, we have to always ensure that our immune defense is always up and strong so that we can avoid highly severe infection from these viruses.” Continue reading

How To Teach Your Child About Mind-Body Connection

If you want to live a healthy, happy life, you need to understand the mind-body connection. You may find it hard, however, to undo years of programming telling you that your moods or feelings are unrelated to conditions in your body. Kids have a much easier time understanding, so you should teach yours as soon as possible. From children’s meditation to stretching exercises, there are plenty of fun ways to start today.

What Is Mind-Body Connection & Why Should Your Child Understand It?

The term “mind-body connection” refers to the simple concept that the feelings your brain produces are a reflection of your body’s needs. The mind and body are closely linked to one another because they are part of the same whole. If one isn’t getting what it needs, the other suffers. Continue reading

Organique Acai Premium Blend To Safeguard Our Heart from the Heat

Hello, Welcome to Summer Season!

Summer is a great season to spend more time on fun outdoor activities like island hopping, swimming, and picnicking with friends and family. Aside from these fun activities we can enjoy, almost everyone looks for something cold, refreshing foods and drinks to beat the heat on the hot days. In the Philippines, Halo-Halo, Ice Candy, Ice Cream, Fruit Shake, Juices, and Popsicles are very popular choices for everyone because they can cool down and are tasty.

But wait, do you think these kinds of foods are healthy? 

Yes, they are healthy because ingredients from these refreshing drinks and foods are beneficial too for our health, but they become unhealthy if too much consumption much more on a daily basis. Remember that sugar is one of the ingredients of these foods. According to health experts, too much consumption of sugar-rich foods or drinks can lead to inflammation, which can stress our heart and blood vessels leading to an increase in the risk of heart disease. Keeping our hearts healthy is very important because a healthy heart is the key to living a long life. So, it only means a daily intake of the foods and drinks that I mentioned earlier are not good for the heart and are an unhealthy option to consume just to beat the summer heat. Continue reading

5 Immunity Enhancing Habits to Help Improve Your Routine

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during quarantine is a challenge for all women staying in control of their full-time careers and personal life. With the piled-up tasks waiting to be done, health and well-being at most times have taken the back seat. If you’re one of the many women who’s feeling a sudden loss of motivation, lack of energy to concentrate and suffer chronic fatigue, you might be experiencing a case of iron deficiency anemia.

Ang Dugo Mo, Kamusta? Iron deficiency anemia happens when your blood has a lower amount of red blood cells or hemoglobin than normal. This can cause you to feel weak, tired, dizzy, look pale, and experience headaches. People with chronic medical conditions, pregnant or menstruating women are most vulnerable to having anemia. While those who are not able to maintain a healthy lifestyle are also at risk.

Healthy blood means a healthy body, so to help you fight iron deficiency anemia here are 5 simple immunity-boosting activities that you can do at home.

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At the Forefront of a “Perfect Storm”

Like any other businesses across various industries, the health and wellness sector has struggled in coping up with the changes brought by the current pandemic. Among these businesses is Santé, an active global player in the distribution and wellness industry.

Santé has always been about offering premier organic health and wellness products and services, designed to help people live better lives. With its flagship Santé Barley, the company has developed a comprehensive selection of everyday barley-based products. They are specifically made with organic pure barley from farms, as certified by BioGro, New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency.

While its business remains strong, Santé was not spared from the current pandemic situation, which, just like a storm, brought challenges that affected the way people live. The company, for instance, relies mostly on third party suppliers for some aspects of its business operations, including the supplies and logistics. 

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