Organique Acai Premium Blend To Safeguard Our Heart from the Heat

Hello, Welcome to Summer Season!

Summer is a great season to spend more time on fun outdoor activities like island hopping, swimming, and picnicking with friends and family. Aside from these fun activities we can enjoy, almost everyone looks for something cold, refreshing foods and drinks to beat the heat on the hot days. In the Philippines, Halo-Halo, Ice Candy, Ice Cream, Fruit Shake, Juices, and Popsicles are very popular choices for everyone because they can cool down and are tasty.

But wait, do you think these kinds of foods are healthy? 

Yes, they are healthy because ingredients from these refreshing drinks and foods are beneficial too for our health, but they become unhealthy if too much consumption much more on a daily basis. Remember that sugar is one of the ingredients of these foods. According to health experts, too much consumption of sugar-rich foods or drinks can lead to inflammation, which can stress our heart and blood vessels leading to an increase in the risk of heart disease. Keeping our hearts healthy is very important because a healthy heart is the key to living a long life. So, it only means a daily intake of the foods and drinks that I mentioned earlier are not good for the heart and are an unhealthy option to consume just to beat the summer heat.

What’s the best and healthy choice to consume daily to beat the heat while safeguarding our hearts? Here’s what you need every day to stay cool, hydrated, and healthy.

Daily Glass of Organique Acai Premium Blend

A daily glass of Organique Acai Premium Blend can safeguard our hearts from the heat. Consuming this daily before breakfast is beneficial since it can help strengthen our immune system, prevent hypertension and maintain healthy blood pressure. The berry, which contains the antioxidant, polyphenols are the principal source of heart protection. It also comes with vitamin C and vitamin B which can help improve our overall health in an all-natural way. To know more about Organique Acai Premium Blend and its health benefits, visit or you may call their hotline, 0969-1754233. This is available in all Mercury drugstores. S&R outlets and other leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

Eat Healthily, Eat Light and Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking more water is better than eating more during the summer season. To care for our hearts from the heatstroke, it’s best to avoid high carbo and sugary foods. Having this is not good for our health as I mentioned earlier and it also puts more pressure on our hearts during the hot weather. Drinking plenty of water is the best option. It keeps our body hydrated, staying our body temperature at a regular level and most of all, water regulates the heartbeat helping all the body parts function properly.

Stay Healthy and enjoy the summer!




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8 thoughts on “Organique Acai Premium Blend To Safeguard Our Heart from the Heat

  1. Lyosha says:

    never heard of this product before. I am curious to try it when I can. And yes, eating lightly, drinking a lot and being active are the keys to having a good life.

  2. aisasami says:

    I never heard of this product before but this drink is perfect for the summer! Something I would love to try!

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