NutriShake for Kids by a Mom’s Review

What kid eats today will have a remarkable impact on their health as they grow old.


Because one of the biggest factors in childhood development is nutrition.

Serving kids healthy and nutritious foods is essential for them to grow up well, develop healthy, strong, and do well academically. Having good nutrition helps too in preventing kids from illnesses. Healthy and nutritious foods are the foods that most picky eaters hate to eat like vegetables. If you are having a hard time to let your kid eat nutritious foods, worry no more, since you can give them nutritious drink that contains all kinds of vitamins that they need to help them grow healthy and strong. In this article, I will share a review of a nutrition shake which is specially developed for kids; the NutriShake by

About NutriShake

A nutritional milkshake contains 30 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help build healthy bodies and minds of children age 4 years and above. This nutrition drink features a Chocolate Vitamin Shake Mix flavor which most kids loved the flavor. NutriShake is clinically proven and no approved therapeutic claims. It could really help kids grow effectively and a big help for picky eater for they can get the essential vitamins needed in just a drink. NutriShake is one of the products of Company from Cebu City that started in the year 2017. aims to provide high-end quality supplemental products targeting the Philippine market.

Buy Guide

Since nutrition is essential to every growing kid, it is highly recommended to choose or buy those nutrition drinks that contain exact nutrition needed. Make sure to check the label, before adding to cart, see to it that it can be trusted and clinically proven. To purchase NutriShake visit the links below:

NutriShake cost only for Php1, 600.00 per container that contains 30g or 15 servings. The company offers easy shopping and payment of their products plus FREE SHIPPING.

Mom’s Verdict

Honestly, though this company is from the nearby region, it’s my first to know about – NutriShake. Like any other mama’s when it comes to product choice, quality, content label, and its benefits are top priorities, the price comes next. After opening the package, product packaging was the first thing that impresses me; it is similar to imported products. Everything you want to know about the NutriShake like supplement facts, manufacturer, and its expiration date, how to serve and flavor are visible in the product label. Mentioning of flavor, it disappoints me a bit because I’m expecting a choco-colored powder but the actual is not – creamy powder. Anyway, the color of the powder is not that important, what matters most are the nutrients kids can gain if they like its taste. Before letting my kid have the NutriShake, I tried it first; the taste is not that chocolaty, it tastes like a breakfast cereal drink that I’m using. Since my not so little man sometimes drinks my breakfast cereal drink, I assume that he will like this NutriShake. Well, my assumption was correct, after tasted it, he makes a thumbs up sign which means APPROVE.

Since my kid APPROVES it, well much more than I DO APPROVE it because of its high nutritional contents and benefits.

Am I going to purchase it? Honestly, the price is a bit expensive than the formula milk of my 1-year-old daughter, so, YES I am considering to purchase it but maybe every after two months since we are still facing financial crises this time.

Do you want to try NutriShake? Head over to their Facebook account a giveaway is up for you to enter and have a chance to win a can of NutriShake




Disclaimer: Yes, I received a sample of the product to try, but it does not influence my shared opinion and honest to goodness review.

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19 thoughts on “NutriShake for Kids by a Mom’s Review

  1. Leira says:

    Thanks for a very objective review of the product it will help other moms looking for a better alternative for their kids

  2. Kat Jorge-Rodriguez says:

    It’s great that these healthy drinks are now available for our kids. My main concern about products like these is always the taste. My eldest daughter is so picky, urgh. So that’s a plus that your kid loved it, hihi. Might check this out if it fits the budget. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Czjai says:

    I’m not familiar with the brand, but this looks like a good food supplement for kids. Buti na lang nagustuhan nya yung flavor. 🙂

  4. Karen says:

    So it’s cream colored even it is chocolate flavored drink. Maybe I can trick my daughter to drink Nutrishake too, she hates chocolate drinks though.

  5. Mommy Levy says:

    My son is such a foodie, he eats whatever food I put on the table, but I can’t always provide nutritious food. I think supplements is a nice idea. Will check this out.

  6. may palacpac says:

    hmmm, that’s interesting. pero tama ka, 1,6K that’s good for 15 servings lang, mejo mapapaisip ka. But does it take the place na talaga of vitamins and supplements that we give our kids? Or is this just an equivalent of Sustagen? Mukhang masarap din kasi.

  7. Sandra says:

    For sure, Kids will love to drink it! This supplement will help them to boost their health and immunity. Thanks for sharing this

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