Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home With Patterns Or Themes

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If you are moving into a new home, or are simply looking for a change of décor, there are many ways to achieve this. Most homeowners like to theme their décor, and with that in mind, here are a few ideas on how best to furnish a home with some style.

  • Flowery Patterns – If you like that summer look, you could base the décor of flowery patterns, with antique chairs that have flower patterns and a suitable carpet, you have the ideal foundation for a flowery based theme. Choose your colours carefully, otherwise you will end up with a confusing look that is too busy, and by opting for two main colours, you can build upon that by adding a few accessories of contrasting colours.
  • Mixture Of Old And New – A few years ago, mixing new and antique furniture would be frowned upon, yet happily, this has become a fashionable way to decorate your living space, and with dealers who offer genuine antiques online, you can browse a wide selection of quality antiques. A contemporary setting cries out for a few small antique items, which can easily be located with an online search, which saves you both time and money.
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  • Victorian And Edwardian Styles – The simplistic lines of Victorian furniture go perfectly well with the bold, flowing lines of the Edwardian style, and by working one room at a time, you can soon fill your home with quality antique furniture that will appreciate over time. You might prefer something a little more opulent, and with Louis XVI furniture, you can really create a luxurious feel in the master bedroom. Of course, it depends on the periods you prefer, and it might be that you like a modern setting with a touch of antique or vintage furniture to give the room some depth.
  • Go With Black And White – This is a growing trend that more and more people are embracing, and with a touch of colour with accessories, a black and white setting is a real eye catcher. Of course, this works well with a single room, preferably the study or the dining room, and by browsing online antique dealers, you can acquire a few nice pieces that will add to your theme without going overboard.
  • Stripes And Herringbone – This gives a room a nice balance, and with a quality antique rug, you have the perfect foundation for the room. The right wall art emphasizes the look, and with online antique dealers, you can spend hours browsing, looking for that special item to fill a blank space. Once you find the right piece, a secure online payment will see the item shipped to your home address.
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The Internet is always a great source of inspiration, and a Google image search on room themes will certainly give you many fine examples of how to theme a room. Of course, you could always enlist the help of an interior designer, yet it is so much fun to create your own living space, and the money you save on design expertise can go toward some added items to improve the look of the room.

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15 thoughts on “Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home With Patterns Or Themes”

  1. I like go with black and white. It works so great with me. Also I love black color. But don’t have any idea to use it. Thank you

  2. I love black and white and just intersperse seasonal colors throughout the year. My favorite pattern is arabesque. Having a theme makes everything look coordinated for sure!

  3. Maraming nga po talagang makikitang mga magagandang interior design sa google na pwede pagkuhaan po ng idea.. ❤

  4. Ang ganda naman mg home decor na to nakakarelax tumambay sa bahay or kwarto pag ganto ang ayos ang aliwalas tignan at talaga mapapahinga ang isip mo

  5. I really love watching or reading home decors, gagayahin ko pag magkaroon na ako ng sariling bahay. Ang gaganda at unique ng mga designs

  6. Wow gandang idea to ma lalo na sa nag iisip kung ano ang maganda decorate or design sa bahay nila

  7. I love interior designing, that’s the reason why I created my Pinterest account:) I would love a white, bright, pastel colors as a theme for y future house… 🙂 I am not a big fan of patterns, I want plain and simple..:)

  8. These are very classy. I love the idea of mixing old furnitures to new ones as I think its very cost efficient. I find this kind of interiors very homey.

  9. When I was younger, I didn’t appreciate antique so much. It was much later on, when I got older and more mature in taste that I realised how big a difference a piece or two antiques create when you add them. Not that I’m going for the Victorian style, but I like siguro the mixture of old and new. Dun siguro ako papatak.

  10. I am definitely not a minimalist, that’s why I love the Victorian and Edwardian style. My house here in Australia isn’t Victorian, but I love collection household decor from that era.

  11. I was supposed to do the black and white design style for my room but I found it kinda harsh so I changed my room’s color last min. to grey.. then I also added some wood details… 🙂 Another great source of information is yung mga Love it or List It and House Hunters rennovation series if you can find them 🙂

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