3 Reasons New England is Such a Popular Region

What is the American dream to you? A quaint cottage home, white picket fence, walking along the water with your significant other, hand in hand as the wind blows on a spring day, taking your kids to a ball game on a cool fall night. This “American dream” may not be every person’s idea of a perfect life, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone whose mouth doesn’t water at the idea of an existence as pure as this.

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For those who live in New England, this dream is normal, everyday life. Many people move here every year to enjoy the stunning landscape, the slow-paced lifestyle, and the incredible history that this area holds. If a quiet life along the water or in the mountains is all you want in life, New England is the place for you. Here are a few reasons why many people dream of moving to New England, and why those who live here never want to leave.


One of the draws of New England is the weather and the ability to enjoy all of the seasons. The winters may be a little harder here than elsewhere in the country, but locals hardly mind. Each September and October, tourists from New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey drive north to experience a phenomenon that New Englanders gets to enjoy every day in autumn—the gorgeous foliage. The changing leaves are not the only piece of beautiful nature to be enjoyed in this area, but they’re one of the first things you think of when you picture Connecticut, New Hampshire, or Massachusetts.

As mentioned, this area in the wintertime is a bit more harsh, but that doesn’t prevent locals from enjoying nature (or tourists). Skiing is big in New England, especially in the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire. If living near some of the best ski resorts in the country sounds like a dream come true, check out Burlington homes for sale right away.


Many people move to New England to ensure their children are getting a quality education, as this area has some of the best K-12 schools in the country. However, where New England really shines is in their universities. 

The best schools you can think of—Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, Boston College—they’re all here in New England. Many students travel here each year to enroll in the university of their dreams, and whether they stay a resident of the area or move on in their career to a big city after graduation, the quality of these schools really enhances the quality of life in the surrounding towns. 


Great colleges often mean great college sports, and this is abundantly true with the amount of pride New England has for its local sports. Oh, and the major league sports are okay too, I guess…

In all seriousness, New England is the premiere place for sports in the United States, with some of the most successful teams concentrated all in one region. From the Patriots, who have six Super Bowl wins under their belt and more appearances in the Super Bowl than any other team, to the Red Sox, with nine World Series championships, New Englanders have a lot to be proud of when it comes to their teams. 

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