Back to School Shopping The Frugal Ways

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I’m in the full week mode of preparation and working with so many things like family matters, office work,  tasks to be done as a content creator and back to school shopping especially that the start of school is getting near where face to face classes will be implemented. All these motherhood  things and blogger/content creator tasks that make me busy are beautiful for, it only means that an additional income. I’m so thankful for all the paid gigs and collaboration, the earnings are a big help to my family’s budget. 

While I’m making money, I feel the need to tighten the expenses now that prices of commodities and basic needs keep going up. About the upcoming school year and back to school shopping, there is no need to spend a fortune as long as you know and apply these few simple back to school shopping frugal ways. But if your budget is still not enough and you need to borrow, will help you. is a trusted consumer-focused finance website that educates consumers on a wide range of personal finance matters and tools like financial calculators and many more.

Back to saving expenses for school shopping, here are the frugal ways that I’m talking about.

Take advantage of Back To School Sales

Stores, shopping malls and even online shops love sales themed promotion. That’s why you see sales like, Father’s Day Sale, Memorial Day Sales, Back to School Sales and other kinds of seasonal sales. So take advantage and grab this opportunity to shop for your kids’ school supplies needs.

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Use Shopping Rewards, Points and Coupons

Loyalty points and coupons are beneficial not only to business owners but to shoppers as well. As a shopper , consistently using coupons helps you save bucks in shopping in a long-term period. The percentage off in every coupon is a big help to lessen your payable amount in every shopping, same goes to loyalty points which are convertible to a certain amount that can be used to pay for the goods and services. 


Reuse School Supplies

Being thrifty is  good. Together with your kids, make an inventory of their school supplies from last year. For sure there are certain supplies that can still be used, sort them out and upcycle. Make a new notebook out of clean sheets from the old one by binding them together and sewing using yarn. Instead of buying new pens and markers, you can refill them by buying refills. For the pencils, if they are not broken yet, just sharpen it so you can use it again. It’s best that in early childhood, teach your kids to practice thriftiness like reusing last school year supplies such as backpack, leftover pencils, crayons and notebooks. There are many ways to recycle school supplies which you can find online. Practicing this can save money and the environment.


Purchase in Bulk

Now is the time to change your thoughts of buying supplies in bulk as overspending or getting too many products.. Actually, buying school supplies in bulk like notepads, notebooks and other consumable school supplies can help you save time and money. Businesses give higher discounts on bulk purchases. Stocking up on school supplies can save you time from going on multiple shopping trips. You can as well co-shopping with other parent friends who need school supplies same with your kids. 

Even though you have enough budget or extra money, it’s very practical and frugal to apply the methods I mentioned. These budgeting tips can save you money this school year and you can use them for other household expenses. 

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  1. In my area, there are big sales at the beginning of the school year so most people buy enough to last all four terms.

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