Tidbits Tips on How to Grow Your Blog Traffic and Followers

Hello dear! I appreciate you for being here. Do you want to grow your blog traffic and followers but don’t know where to start? Stick till the end of this post and follow the easy three tidbits tips that I will be sharing. Aside from that, I will also include a special FREEBIE for you.

Are you ready now? So here are the 3 tidbits tips that worked well for me to grow blog traffic and gain followers in social media as well.

Tip #1 Create Your Blog Social Media Accounts and Follow Fellow Bloggers 

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, and many to mention plays an important role, or shall I say the most powerful tools that drive major traffic and followers to your blog site. If you don’t have social media channels yet, it’s time to create now as much social media as possible. Now that you have your social media channels, make

sure to have an identity like a brand logo of your choice. If you want a logo that symbolizes great strength and leadership an eagle spreading wings is the perfect one. I suggested an eagle because according to www.google.com, the eagle is the chief over all the winged creatures and conveys great power. If you want a creative logo idea check out Design Bundles collections of eagle svg creations.

photo owned by Design Bundle

All social media accounts are set, what to do next?

Share your blog post to your social media accounts and follow fellow bloggers by joining Facebook Groups. These groups are closed, so you will need to send a request to join, once you are approved you can take part in the active discussion; share your blog profile and post, request new followers, comment for your blog with other members. This is a win-win for all blog members of the group. Doing this will not just provide you followers and traffic to your blog and social media accounts, but it also gives you more content to share with your followers and readers. It can also result in getting clients to your blog for brand promotion or collaboration.

Tip #2 Hosts or Run Blog Giveaways

People love to win stuff and freebies, which is why many bloggers do giveaways. I am one of those who love freebies. Actually before this site, my first ever blog content is all about giveaways. I shared giveaways that I found as well as giveaways that I joined and winning prizes. This strategy is also one of the most powerful to boost page views, increase blog subscribers, traffic, and comments to your blog. Not just that, you can as well gain followers and increase traffic to your social media channels.

How to host and what prize can you give as a prize for the giveaway? First, focus on your goal or think of a special occasion that you can celebrate with your social media followers and blog readers. It can be a blog anniversary, a celebration of achieving a blog milestone, or anything that you want to share with your audience and providing them token in a form of prize. You can collaborate also with other bloggers in running a blog giveaway. Now for the prize, think of what your audience wants to receive. If your blog is about fashion-related, you may consider giving away shirts with cute stitch svg print design on the front side.

Tip #3 Create a Gravatar for Your Blog and Comment on other Bloggers Blog Posts

What is Gravatar? It is an image that gives brand recognition letting others know that it is you who leave comments on their blog and forums. I suggest making your social media logo the same as your gravatar. How to set up your gravatar? Kindly visit the gravatar tutorial.

How can this gravatar become helpful in boosting your blog traffic? Simply, visit another blog, leave comments on their blog post. Every time you visit a blog and leave valuable comments, your gravatar will automatically appear which leads to gain exposure to your blog and make new connections with lots of bloggers.

Yay! You finally did stick till the end of my blog tips on growing your blog traffic and followers. Thank you! hopefully, you apply them one by one. Now as mentioned in this post here’s a FREEBIE for you, a social media group and bloggers club that I’m connected. Feel free to send your request to join and be a member of the club.

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Mom Bloggers Club – for this kindly leave your email address in the comment box so I can send invite.

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Happy blogging!

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6 thoughts on “Tidbits Tips on How to Grow Your Blog Traffic and Followers

  1. Aaliziyah says:

    These are really helpful tips! I’m soooo new to blogging so I find this really helpful especially when I decide to have a slef-hosted website.

  2. Criselda Benin Alarcon says:

    Thank you for sharing 3 tidbits tips? it’s really help who wants to be blogger?

  3. Lyka Mitra says:

    Salamat po sa pag share na tips.. malaking tulong po ito lalo na sa mga nag iisip mag blog na rin po.. ❤ para alam nila kung paano at saan sila mag uumpisa.. ❤

  4. Antoniette Sanchez David says:

    Nice tips ma big help sa mga nag uumpisa mag blog lalo na kung nahihirapan sila Basahin lang nila to makakakuha na sila ng idea nila

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