4 Mistakes You Must Avoid As A New Blogger

Are you thinking about starting your own blog? This is a great choice regardless of whether you want to use it as a full business or a promoting tool for an existing company. That said, there are some mistakes to dodge as a new blog owner. These are some of the key examples to consider.

Buying Traffic

First, you might be tempted to buy traffic for your blog. This can seem like a great shortcut if you are launching your website for the first time. The problem is that if you buy traffic, it’s going to be low quality. This means the users won’t engage or provide value to your blog. It could even be bot traffic. If you are buying traffic you will never protect site from bots. This nasty software could ultimately cause your blog to burn out in the first couple of months. 

Low-Quality Content 

If you are adding low-quality content to your blog, then you will immediately start to develop a poor reputation online and damage your brand identity. Eventually, this is going to lead to people abandoning your blog altogether and that’s the last thing that you want. One of the best ways to avoid this is to make sure that you are always quality-checking every piece of content that you publish. Alternatively, you may want to hire freelancers who can complete the work required to a higher standard. Remember, as a blogger, you don’t need to create every piece of content yourself. This is going to quickly become exhausting and feel incredibly monotonous, even if you love writing.

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3 Side Hustle Ways You Can Do To Earn and Save Up for College Tuition

Every parent wants the best for their children, especially when it comes to education. Why? Because of the belief that education is the most powerful investment in our children’s future. It can put them on a path towards good employment or a successful career in their chosen field.

In my country, the Philippines, sending kids to private schools is expensive. I paid monthly tuition of almost three thousand pesos (3,000.00) for my kindergarten. Above two thousand pesos (2,000.00 +) monthly tuition for my Junior High, because he availed the government subsidy amounting to almost eleven thousand pesos covered for one school year. If I’m going to compare this tuition fee to previous years, it increased to 50%. Looking forward to my kids’ college education, I guess it will become more expensive in the future because of the rising inflation we have. To figure out if how much amount I need to set aside per month, I used Education Savings Calculator  an easy partner in computing amount to save for college school expenses.  

Education savings concept. Coins in a glass jar for education money savings with a graduate doll. Personal financial planning for the future.

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The Top 80 Philippines Mom Blogs in 2022: Mom’s Shout Out is on 55th

MOM, a three letter word, so little yet with huge responsibilities and carrying out multiple tasks. In case you haven’t realized yet, mothers are the best jugglers in the world for they know how to multitask and manage not just for the family but for themselves as well. Mothers do many things like taking care of family and its household chores, parenting, handling toddlers and ensuring school activities are all done, tutoring, cooking, packing meals and many more to mention.

And now, mothers excel too in their own chosen career and passion like being an influencer and blogger. There are parenting, motherhood websites that are up online where they shares heart-warming stories, experiences and helpful tips from pregnancy journeys and family management.

Wandering what are these mommy blogs? Read on below to find out the Top 80 Philippines Mom Blogs this year. So happy to share that I’m on the 59th rank. Continue reading

Mom Influencers Awesome Qualities and Their Impact On Brand Awareness

Hello there! 

What made you smile today and how life’s now that vaccine for Covid-19 is developed and many people were vaccinated already? Are you excited to get vaccinated too? Well, if you are going to ask me? I want to get vaccinated because it will be my source of protection against the deadly disease. The immunity that vaccines can bring, helps me fight the virus if ever I will be exposed to it. More than protecting myself, I may also protect people around me, because I am less likely to infect them with the Covid-19 virus. 

Current day, acquiring this vaccine is not that easy because the priority of the government to get vaccinated are the medical people and other frontliners plus it’s a bit costly. So, while waiting on the list and to keep ourselves safe, the first and always best to do is to stay safe at home, and continue living just like the old days when the vaccine for this virus still wasn’t out. 

Though there are positive and negative vibes brought to us by this pandemic outbreak, let us just focus on the positive vibes to keep our life easy. The fact that most are staying at home, hunger for interpersonal contact resulted in spending more time on social media than before Covid-19 outbreak. The increase of social media users provides an opportunity for the business industry to raise awareness of their brands and services online with the collaborative partnership of digital creators like Mommy Influencers/Mommy Bloggers

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30-Day Writing Prompt, How it Works

Here comes the most wonderful time of the year. This year we all celebrate it in a different way like a virtual party with family and friends due to the health crisis that the world still faces.

Every year, most of us create plans and goal setting on what to do for the coming year. Are you one of us? Care to share in the comment box below if what’s your goal for the year 2021. Mine is just basic, – to update my blog at least twice a week and have a regular writing client. Though it’s simple, yet it is hard for me to complete due to some reasons, one of these is being hooked on watching KDramas.

So, to make myself better, achieve this goal, and be consistent in writing, I joined a 30-Day writing prompt starting today, November 25 to December 25, 2020. Here are the lists of topics that I planned to write for 30 days.

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