3 Side Hustle Ways You Can Do To Earn and Save Up for College Tuition

Every parent wants the best for their children, especially when it comes to education. Why? Because of the belief that education is the most powerful investment in our children’s future. It can put them on a path towards good employment or a successful career in their chosen field.

In my country, the Philippines, sending kids to private schools is expensive. I paid monthly tuition of almost three thousand pesos (3,000.00) for my kindergarten. Above two thousand pesos (2,000.00 +) monthly tuition for my Junior High, because he availed the government subsidy amounting to almost eleven thousand pesos covered for one school year. If I’m going to compare this tuition fee to previous years, it increased to 50%. Looking forward to my kids’ college education, I guess it will become more expensive in the future because of the rising inflation we have. To figure out if how much amount I need to set aside per month, I used Education Savings Calculator  an easy partner in computing amount to save for college school expenses.  

Education savings concept. Coins in a glass jar for education money savings with a graduate doll. Personal financial planning for the future.

Use this calculator to figure out how much you will need to set aside monthly to pay for school when they are ready to go to college.

So, what are my ways so that I can sufficiently pay for their tuition fees, other school expenses and save up for their College Tuition? Aside from my regular salary combined with my husband, I do side hustle ways. Sharing below are the three most common side hustle ways I do to earn and save up for college tuition for my children.

1. Earn from Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Turn your passion in writing by sharing your recipes, your travel stories, motherhood or parenting journey and tips, fashion and other things you do by starting and sharing it in a blog and make money from it. From that blog of yours, you’ll be able to earn passive income in the long run through affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is global so you can join and sign up as an affiliate anywhere you are. Through affiliate marketing, you can earn money every time a visitor of your blog clicks on a link, sign up for services and purchase products. High paying affiliate programs are SEMRush, HostGator, Siteground, Bluehost and many more.


2. Get Paid to Write

There are thousands of writing jobs available that offer great prices per article you write and you can do this at your most convenient time. How do you get paid for writing? Simply choose topics that interest you the most to write and apply on websites that offer content writing tasks. As a freelance writer, you can ghostwrite stories, become a copywriter, do freelance content writing for businesses, self publish on Kindle, write stories for Wattpad and many to mention.

Intellifluence.com is one of the websites where I can earn money from writing articles. It’s free to join, visit this link to register and build your profile.

3. Work With Brand and Earn Money

Do you have a social media accounts with high followers and engagement rate? Put them into good use by writing social media content for brands and earn money. I have been doing this for more than two years. Yes, I love working with brands and making money out of it. Aside from the money I can also receive cases of products which become a big help saving my grocery budget because the goods provided last for more than a year.

If you have high following social media accounts with active and high engagement rate, feel free to contact me. I’m willing to guide you and help connect with PR agencies and brands. 

If you are seeking for side hustle ideas you can try what I’m doing, or be an online reseller, tutoring, rent your vehicle, and sell Preloved items. Doing side hustle involves commitment, time and effort. Regardless, if its to secure your child’s education and future, still it’s worth sacrificing for.

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