Can Your Home Make You Money? 6 Options To Consider

Everyone needs some help with finances from time to time. Being able to find extra cash or generate income for times when money is tight and you need to pay for something out of the ordinary needn’t be as hard as you might think it is.

In fact, chances are you have money in your home that you might not even know about! While it might not be instant or easy money, your home can provide you with many different avenues to make some money and help you get cash without doing too much or taking on another job. 

Read on to find out how you can find money in your home without having to dive down the back of the sofa.


Decluttering your home is a good way to determine how much money you are sitting on. If you have products or items around the house you no longer want or have use for, decluttering allows you to free up some space and make some money.

In the first instance, you need to separate your unwanted items into piles. You need a pile of items you can sell and make money from, items that aren’t really worth anything but still have some life left in them and can be donated, and items that need to be thrown away.

Once you have your piles, you can look at the different ways you can sell your unwanted items, be it selling jewelry and getting cash 4 gold, selling clothes and furniture online via social media marketplaces or pre-loved sites, or trading in mobile phones or electronics for cash or in part exchange for newer models.

Don’t forget; once you have decluttered, you need to remove the items from your home quickly to help you make some money, enjoy a home with fewer items, and live with less stuff.

Rent A Room

If you have a spare room in your home you are not using, you can rent out the space in a few different ways. If you are in a popular tourist area or location with many visitors for festivals, concerts, or events, you can rent out a room for visitors to your local area for a night or two during popular times of the year.

If not, you can look at longer-term rentals for a week, months, or even on a longer basis while you still live there as a lodger in your home. Or you can list your property on home rental sites and move out while visitors move in for short periods. Many people find this is a relatively easy way to help cover bills, mortgages, and expenses, especially when working with reputable home rental listing companies like Airbnb, who can support you in the face of any issues.

Lastly, if you have a spare room, you can convert it to an office; and you can rent it out to professionals as an alternative to them having to rent out an office.

Rent Your Parking Space

If you are lucky enough to have parking outside your home and don’t use it for a vehicle, you can make a good amount of money renting out this space on a short or long-term basis for people who don’t have any at-home parking or need parking for an additional vehicle they have at home. You can set days and item limits; for example, if you do have a car and you work away from home for 10 hours per day, you can rent out your driveway between the hours you leave home and arrives back so you can still park at home and make money helping someone else park their car in a safe spot.

Home Based Business

Whether you want to start a home-based business or support someone else who does, i.e., you have a bigger kitchen for people to cook in, you can start up a new venture from home or allow someone else the opportunity to do so. If you rent out parts of your home to others, you can charge them rent for the use of the space. If you set up your own business, you need to make sure you can generate an income to help you bring money into the household.

Popular home-based businesses or side hustles include; freelance writing, social media marketing and scheduling, virtual assistant work, consultancy and management services, coaching, and tuition.

Host Students

Again, for this option, you need to aspire to a room, but by hosting international students in your home for their trip, you can expect to be paid for your hospitality. How much you get paid can be influenced by different factors, such as the company you register with, the extras you can provide, such as tuition, nutritious meals, transport, etc., and the duration of the visit.

Film Set

Have you ever considered renting out your home as a film or TV location? The world of movies and TV shows means people are always scouting out new homes and places to film in, and your home could fit the bill. Even if you don’t think it will, it is worth visiting if your home is available for this type of opportunity, and if your home is selected, you will be compensated well for your troubles.

Typically your home will be used for a few weeks or a few months, and the set designers may need to make some changes to get the look and feel they need for filming. You will usually need to move out for this duration, so you must pack up your belongings and store them safely until filming has finished.

Your home can be a lucrative option for those who seek booking to generate additional money and find some extra cash without having to venture too far. If you are lucky enough to have some extra space at home, or your house is of high quality, others can benefit from amenities; you can find yourself open to a wealth of possibilities, from renting out rooms for office space, allowing others to rent your kitchen to use your commercial grade appliances and workspaces, and even turn your home into a film set for a few months.

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