3 Ways to Balance a Business Setup with Parental Responsibilities

That lightbulb moment when you get a business idea can be so viscerally exciting that you have visions of success, stability, and all of your dreams coming true. But soon after, reality sets in and we realize we cannot give ourselves completely to it because we’ve got other more important things that need our attention, like our children. But this is where we have to think about setting up a business in the round and making it smoother and simpler. Here are some approaches to consider:

Think About the Big Things, Don’t Waste Your Time on the Small Things

When we start out, we feel like we need to give a huge amount of consideration to every finite component. Lots of people labor for days if not weeks over a business name. But instead, you can almost outsource this by using a business name generator so you can actually pay attention to the real things that matter. We have to remember the Pareto principle, where 80% of the outcomes come from 20% of the effort. You need to think about those big things that will really matter a year or five years down the line, the rest will almost sort itself out.

Outsource Where You Can

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4 Surprising Careers You Can Pursue with a Business Administration Degree

One of the more common misconceptions about graduating with a Business Administration degree that many young students have is that the course narrows down their career options. Although many Business Administration students do take the typical positions in multinational companies, the truth is that the course is very diverse. In fact, the skills Business Administration students develop during their time in college actually allows them to apply for many different positions across various industries. With that in mind, here are a few careers you can pursue after you study Business Administration in college:

Sports & Entertainment

If you are excited by the prospects of marketing sporting events, analyzing album sales or even financing a movie, your business degree will surely come in handy. According to experts, in these industries, there is a need for business-trained individuals who can perform rigorous analysis of what types of products and services consumers want to purchase. Alternatively, an MBA in business can also provide greater job versatility and help develop your alumni network with business connections if you have your eye on a particular company or field.

Events Producer

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Jonah Chipeco: From Freelance Moonlighting to Asia’s Writerpreneur

A Writerpreneur, a portmanteau of the words — writer and entrepreneur, is more than just a writer who makes money online through writing. A writerpreneur is a writer who has a mind of a businessperson. Jonah Chipeco, the Chief Trainer and Founder of Writing Hacks Academy, is an epitome of this word. Hence, in the Philippine freelancing world, she is known as Asia’s Writerpreneur. Jonah uses her creative gifts to form income-generating opportunities as an entrepreneur. She utilizes the power of writing as her foundation in solving her clients’ and students’ problems. Her writing skills are the building blocks of her business. As a Writerpreneur, she combined her passion for writing and entrepreneurship to produce and deliver information products that clients can study, use, or sell. Continue reading

Tidbits Tips on How to Grow Your Blog Traffic and Followers

Hello dear! I appreciate you for being here. Do you want to grow your blog traffic and followers but don’t know where to start? Stick till the end of this post and follow the easy three tidbits tips that I will be sharing. Aside from that, I will also include a special FREEBIE for you.

Are you ready now? So here are the 3 tidbits tips that worked well for me to grow blog traffic and gain followers in social media as well.

Tip #1 Create Your Blog Social Media Accounts and Follow Fellow Bloggers 

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, and many to mention plays an important role, or shall I say the most powerful tools that drive major traffic and followers to your blog site. If you don’t have social media channels yet, it’s time to create now as much social media as possible. Now that you have your social media channels, make

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Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach Interviews “Candidates” Seeking to Join Online ESL Platform 51Talk

Manila, Philippines – 51Talk, together with their new Philippine brand ambassador, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, held its first-ever live stream interview via Facebook after hundreds of aspiring online English teachers signed-up to get a chance to be part of the show. The live stream is part of 51Talk’s campaign to invite qualified Filipinos who are interested to take advantage of the 30,000 home-based online teaching opportunities offered by 51Talk where people can teach, learn and most importantly – earn.

Listed in the New York Stock Exchange, 51Talk is the leading online English education platform that connects thousands of Filipino teachers to foreign English language learners via an interactive virtual classroom.

More than 70,000 viewers tuned in and joined the fun and inspiring live stream which allowed them to learn more about the teaching at home opportunity and acquainted them with the application process that can be completed in as fast as three days. Pia interviewed nine pre-selected candidates from different backgrounds who shared their heartwarming stories on how they found hope in 51Talk after losing their jobs or livelihood.

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