Reasons Why You Should Own a Car

Now that we made it through the difficult years of the COVID-19 pandemic, public transport will be busy again with the increase of commuters, especially since lockdown is lifted, face-to-face class is back and workers are back to their regular days and office work. Thinking again of the hassle and stress of using public transportation, are you eager now to pursue your plan of having your own car?

Owning a car is very common these days, not only in the Philippines but also in other parts of the world. Having your own car entitles you to many benefits. I will help you decide why you should have your own car and let tell you the computation of your monthly auto loan payment and amortization schedule. Aside from the monthly computation of car loan, additional features like calculating your fuel budget, arcade game like Cars Lightning Speed, car buying advice, and many more are up at 

Such a beneficial site, right? Mentioning benefits, I will tell you about the benefits of having a personal car of your own. These are:

Convenience and Save Time

Using public vehicles for daily travel is very inconvenient. These include spending time waiting for the bus, and the need to transfer from one vehicle to another just to arrive at your destination. Aside from that as commuter you need to adjust the schedule according to them. Sometimes tension arises, if you miss to ride the public transport, which will result to be late from work. Having own car, you will enjoy the benefits of travelling without worries, anytime and anywhere you want. May it be an for an emergency usage, or the daily trip to work, grocery shopping and long road trip, it is now easier for you to do all these at your own time.


Aside from enjoying the convenience, being safe is also part of the benefits of having own car. In a public transportation, many things will happen because you don’t personally know whom you’re sharing a ride. Are they virus carrier or thugs? The safest way to ensure your safety in times of pandemic and daily life is having your own car. It gives you the benefit to commute safely wherever you want at any time. Aside from that, you can comfortably travel at your preferred temperature and hearing the music as you like.

These are just a few of many great reasons why you should own a car. So, if you plan this for a long time, don’t hesitate and think too much. Have your own car now! Don’t forget to share in the comment section of this post about the other benefits you take as a car owner.

Enjoy and drive safely!


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