Reasons Why You Should Own a Car

Now that we made it through the difficult years of the COVID-19 pandemic, public transport will be busy again with the increase of commuters, especially since lockdown is lifted, face-to-face class is back and workers are back to their regular days and office work. Thinking again of the hassle and stress of using public transportation, are you eager now to pursue your plan of having your own car?

Owning a car is very common these days, not only in the Philippines but also in other parts of the world. Having your own car entitles you to many benefits. I will help you decide why you should have your own car and let tell you the computation of your monthly auto loan payment and amortization schedule. Aside from the monthly computation of car loan, additional features like calculating your fuel budget, arcade game like Cars Lightning Speed, car buying advice, and many more are up at 

Such a beneficial site, right? Mentioning benefits, I will tell you about the benefits of having a personal car of your own. These are: Continue reading