Quality Time: 13 Ideas for Crafting with Kids

In today’s busy world, taking a little bit of a breather and spending some time with your kids will let you appreciate the modest aspects of life and remind you how valuable these moments are. Another reason to start creative projects with your kids is to expand their horizons and teach them some useful crafting skills. According to the studies done by psychologists, such activities tend to have long-lasting benefits for their cognitive development. Do you need more motivation? Then we’ll let you in on a secret; none of the crafting ideas we’re about to unveil will take more than 30 minutes to complete. Let’s get started!

1. Glitter glue counting sticks

Learning how to count doesn’t have to be drudgery. When you’re trying to explain how numbers work, why not be creative about it and get them to make glitter glue counting sticks? There’s not a lot of things that you’re going to need to complete the project, and what’s better than creating something with practical benefits at the same time?

2. Paper animals

Depending on how complex you want to make it, paper animals are a great way to hone your paper-crafting skills. If nothing else, you can always glue a couple of pieces together and make paper caterpillars.

3. Custom Patches

Custom patches are a great way to spice up the day. You can express the way you feel as well as your affiliations by adding some to your clothing. To get inspired and start creating your own, click here to glance upon how professional patches end up looking and fill your head with ideas.

4. Tape resist art

The trick with this one is knowing how to place the tape in fun patterns. After that, simply get some watercolor, and let your kids paint to their heart’s content. It’s fun, quick, and easy to set up. What’s not to like?

5. Carton board chess

Chess is a magnificent game that has stood the test of time. It’s rather easy to learn, but almost impossible to master. But instead of buying a pre-set board of figures, why not make the board yourself – including the figures? That way, you can get your kids to show their creative qualities all while teaching them how to play chess and getting them interested in it while they’re still young.

6. Popsicle stick puppets

Want to teach your kids the art of roleplaying and the marvels of theater? If you have some popsicle sticks lying around that you haven’t thrown away yet, now may be a great time to use them and make something creative out of them – like puppets! In case you don’t feel like playing with them, that’s fine. You could also stick them in potted plants, which is bound to make them much more interesting to the observant eye.

7. Origami vessels

Taking a piece of paper and transforming it into a ship is a good way to train your kids’ dexterity. If they’re not a fan of vessels, origami allows plenty of other options, the most famous one of which is a paper bird.

8. Rock arts

Rocks can be found pretty much anywhere. Simply take a stroll alongside the nearest river, and you should be able to find plenty of them. Now, instead of simply adding it to your garden as a decoration, why not paint it instead to give it that extra oomph? You could instruct your children how to make it look like a cute animal. A cat, a dog, an elephant, a butterfly… your creative mind is the only limit.

9. Recycled jug watering can

Throwing away empty milk jugs, for example, is clearly detrimental to our environment. Recycling them, on the other hand, allows factories to re-use the materials they’re made from and transform them into another form of product people can use. Better yet, why not contribute to a healthier environment and re-use them for your own needs? With a small bit of effort, your kids can transform them into a watering can or a vase! If you’d like them to be pleasing to one’s eyes, apply a little bit of paint or stickers, and you won’t believe what you’ll be able to accomplish in terms of aesthetics.

10. Paper plate crafts

The picnic lovers among you are bound to have plenty of these lying around the house. And even if that’s not the case, it’s easy to purchase a whole lot of them for next to nothing. Making little angels out of them is not demanding at all, or perhaps even a pumpkin motif. You can even paint something on there to make them come alive.

11. Homemade basket

There’s nothing like a homemade basket for your decorative needs. It can also be used instead of a vase, or even for going out and gathering herbs. Since it doesn’t really take more than a bit of rope and paper or carton to make one, your kids will love it. Besides, what’s better than letting your creative inhibitions loose and painting them however you like?

12. Toilet paper roll castles

Who would have thought that paper rolls could have such creative uses? Paint them, glue some additional items to them, and arrange them in such a way that they resemble a castle. If medieval themes don’t get your kids excited, you can also instruct them how to make cute animals out of them.

13. Pinwheel craft

Have your kids created tons of quick art they don’t mind parting ways with? Instead of throwing it all away, you could transform it into something meaningful and craft a pinwheel. This only takes a couple of minutes and is bound to make your garden much more colorful.


This is the end of the list, but it’s certainly not the end of opportunities. In fact, there are thousands of things you could be crafting with your kids, and you only need a couple of common household items to make it happen. So get inspired, get to work, and don’t forget to share plenty of laughter and smiles with them while you create something astonishing together!

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