Gymnastics sport is more into back-flip and forward roll. This performance requires physical strength, flexibility, power, agility, coordination, grace, balance, and control. Even though this kind of sport is just more on flipping, jumping and rolling, still just like any other sports the multitude of life skills and physical benefitsContinue Reading

  The school year ends soon, but it doesn’t mean that kids learning activity stop too. For the coming summer, let your kids busy with non-academic activities like dance, theater class, painting, martial arts, cooking, baking and decorating. Speaking of decorating, Goldilocks in Leyte is offering a Kids Cake DecoratingContinue Reading

Summer is almost here and I can’t help but think about it! I can almost smell the salty breeze at the beach, the warmth that provides more energy and radiance to ordinary days. I can almost feel the sand under my bare feet giving me a sense of comfort andContinue Reading