Naturearth M2 Tea Drink: Moms Lactating Partner


Hi, there fellow moms and soon to be! Yours truly is a breastfeeding mom from my firstborn child up to the last one which is now at 9 months old. Not all mothers can commit to breastfeeding for valid reasons and medical conditions, and that’s ok. However, if you can, I strongly suggest being one of us, breastfeeding moms in the world because it’s the best ever contribution to your baby’s health and development. Worried about your milk supply? Try not too, because there are lactation products that are safe and nutritious for you and baby which are available in the market. Check out these health benefits of breastfeeding and lactating product that will be of help in this motherhood journey.

Breastfeeding Benefits for Baby and Mom

  • Breast milk provides the perfect mix nutrition and vitamins for baby. It contains antibodies that help baby fight off viruses and bacteria
  • Breastfeeding helps burns extra calories which results in a fast pregnancy weight loss. It also lowers the risk of breast and ovarian cancer as well as osteoporosis too.
  • Breastfeeding creates physical closeness, skin-to-skin touching and eye contact which all help your baby bond with you and feel secure.

Naturearth M2 Tea Drink: Moms Lactating Partner

It’s undeniable that sometimes the production of milk is slow. Traditionally, to enhance breast milk production is to always include maluggay (moringa) in daily foods because that vegetable is a great breast milk enhancer. Recently, I was offered to try this naturally produced vegetables tea drink which said to be perfect for breastfeeding moms. Honestly, I was hesitant to try it since it was my first time to hear about the product and the brand as well. I searched in the web about the product components, how it is being produced, the company behind the product and its feedback, after reading positive commentaries, benefits and reviews, I said yes to the offer and excited to try it, experience the result and benefits,

This Naturearth M2 Tea Drink, is ready to drink vegetables composed of concentrated and healthy vegetables such as malunggay (moringa), okra and luya (ginger) which are very rich in nutritional value and medicinal benefits. This tea drink is the best source of beta-carotene, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, vitamin A, Vitamin K and magnesium and phytonutrients from malunggay.

I’m on the go mom, leaving my baby at home with yaya who take care, breast milk in a bottle and formula milk as well. Yes, I am one of those moms who experiences slow milk production that’s why I feed my baby with formula milk too. After days of trying the tea, I noticed that I yield more milk that results to lower the formula milk feeding. This tea is truly a great partner for lactating moms.

In the house, my little boy and mom-in-law love the tea too. Because of many nutritional benefits, this tea is best to include in daily drinking habit. Little boy loves to drink it when chilled because he cannot notice the taste of ginger. Actually, the stock of this tea in the house is running out and hoping to find it in the market here in Leyte. But if I cannot find it will order it online and sell them to you  so that you can as well experience and gain the nourishing benefits of this vegetable tea.

For more info about the products care to follow their facebook page M2 Lactation Club.

Disclaimer: Yes, I received samples of the product to try, but it does not influence my shared opinion and honest to goodness review.

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3 thoughts on “Naturearth M2 Tea Drink: Moms Lactating Partner

  1. Meriam Lianza says:

    breastfeeding is a healthiest and safest food for our baby. I strongly believe that giving the right and enough nutrients for our babies will help them to grow healthy and strong. wow, i like this tea drink because it has high nutritional value , with malunggay, luya and okra recipe which are very nutritious vegeatables.

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