Lessen the Hard in Bringing Up Teens

Soon, I’ll be mom of a teen, so I asked some of my colleagues how true the hearsays that bringing up teens is harder than a newborn baby. They say, yes!, but it depends also on how we guide and help the teens grow into a distinct individuals they will become. All moms of teens, who is searching guides on how to lessen the hard in bringing up teens, below are savvy tips that can help build a lovely parent-teen relationship.


On top of the list is to show your love. Spend quality time with your teen to show that you care. Create an activity that you can do both like inviting him for a snack of his favorite cookie. Have an exchange conversation with your teen and know the things that are on his mind. Listen when he talks and respect the feelings.


Independence is essential for teens. Help and guide them in establishing their own place in the world. Let your teen decide for himself, like the kind of sports he wants to participate.


Establish firm guidelines relating to alcohol, nicotine, drugs, companionship, and use of time. On occasion disagreement or disobedience occurs on the way, keep a civil demeanor to avoid conflict that may escalate and create further hurt. Always find a convenient time to talk out details like dining out for dinner.


Like the old saying, action speaks louder than words. So, be a model for your teen. Feed them with good behavior through deeds.



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