Heroes Believe in Themeselves

Meet my son Vince Crispaul, a confidently good-looking little man with a helping hand. He excels and actively participate in school and out activities. Always a top performer in academic since pre-school. A Boy Scout member and Karatedo enthusiast. My son is a stage performer (dancing or singing) in every school program activities. Lately, he confidently performs the Kata of Shotokan Karate-do. He loves to share and help me in community service. The latest activity that he’s into community service was in the distribution of pre-love clothes to the barangays where we conducted the turnover of Sub-Project funded by the poverty reduction program of a government agency where I work. My son is truly a HERO in action and do BELIEVE that through his CONFIDENCE he can EMPOWER kids to be a confident hero as well. I’m not a perfect mom, but it makes me proud seeing him grow healthy, confident and good. Thanks to my partner, Nestle Koko Krunch for making my little hero active all day.


This is my entry to the promo of Nestle Breakfast Cereals Philippines happening in facebook.

Here’s how to join:

1.Like the Nestle Breakfast Cereals Philippines page.
2.Watch the video lessons of KOKO showing different ways to demonstrate heroism every day.
3.Post a photo of your child in the comments section below showing the same heroic trait that KOKO demonstrated in the video post.
4.The photo should capture a shot of any KOKO KRUNCH product (may be in the background or as part of the photo).
5.All entries should include a caption or story describing the photo and must include the hashtag #kokokrunchheroes

Share your story now for a chance to win.




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