La Villa Francisco Mountain Resort a Relaxation Haven in the City

La Villa Francisco Mountain Resort a stunning mountain resort located in Tacloban City, the economic center and heart of Eastern Visayas, Philippines. It is a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax while embracing the natural beauty of nature, greenery surroundings, dipping in cool water, and breathing in some fresh air. Have fun and enjoy yourself with your friends and family while using their man-made amenities for FREE. 

What to Do in La Villa Francisco Mountain Resort

This 9.5-hectare mountain resort comes with beautiful amenities where guests can use for FREE and outdoor activities you may experience. Amenities include adult swimming pool with pool bar and giant slide, Children’s Water Park with slides, and water fountain. Kids playhouse, swing, seesaw, a short hanging bridge is also there for kids to use. Proper swimming attire is strictly required for those who want to use the swimming pool. Didn’t you bring one? Worry no more, because they are selling swimwear for all ages. Safe and clean changing rooms, comfort rooms. indoor and outdoor shower are also present in the area

A water watcher is present supervises the safety of swimmers, but because of numbers using the pool, it is much better to keep an eye on your own kids.

The Children’s Water Park includes waterfalls, waterwheels and mini slides. What I love in this area is the fantastic big tipping bucket on top that sends liters of water pouring down. It’s not only the kids but parents as well can have fun here with their little ones or relax in the sunbeds that are present around the pool while watching their kids having fun in the water.

Experience a round of carriage/pony and kalesa riding. In that one “lap” of a ride, a resort assistant will guide to ensure your safety. Horseback riding is also one of the mountain resort’s guests can do. Same with the carriage and kalesa, resort personnel is there to guide you along with the one lap of horseback riding, so no need to worry even if it is your first time. A zip line and wall climbing amenities will soon rise in the resort.

There are eye-relaxing scenery and lots of instagramable spots for you to take selfie and photoshoots for whatever occasions.

How to get there and resort cost

Entering and using amenities won’t cost you that much because the entrance fee and cottage rental are affordable. It is a 30 minutes- drive from downtown proper if riding a public utility vehicle route San Roque – Downtown Vice Versa, less than 30 minutes for a personal vehicle. Be guided with the fees of the resort which is listed below:

Resort Entrance Fee – Php200.00 (adult), Php100.00 (children over 3ft.) FREE (children under 3ft.)

Food Corkage Charge – Php200.00

Cottages Rental Fee: Red Umbrella, Green Umbrella, Sun Bed – Php150.00

                                     Mushroom, Gazeebo, Wood Cottages – Php 250.00

                                     Small White Tent – Php 350.00

                                     Big White Tent – Php500.00                            

Horseback Riding Fee: Php200.00

Kalesa Riding Fee: Php200.00

Carriage/Pony Riding Fee: Php200.00

We enjoyed ourselves and had a fantastic time at La Villa Francisco Mountain Resort. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a great family get away and a whole day of fun in the water and nature encounter.

In my comeback to this place I will really try the zip line and wall climbing.

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11 thoughts on “La Villa Francisco Mountain Resort a Relaxation Haven in the City

  1. Ami Bhat says:

    This seems like a lovely place for kids and adults. Water parks are best enjoyed when you can stay there. This place seems to have some good accommodation options. Am sure with the zip lines would be fun when they are done .

  2. Agnes says:

    The Philippines are still on my dream list. I would like to see these paradise islands someday. I love the resort you recommend. It has excellent amenities. I like swimming pools and slides for children. It seems to be the perfect place to relax.

  3. iemexploring says:

    Wow looks like a great little get away for the family! love that they have so many free amenities, That so awesome! Horse back riding sounds like fun! Love your little ones “instagram shoot” haha so cute!

  4. Linda (LD Holland) says:

    I never thought of visiting a mountain resort in the Philippines. But I now know why this is such a great idea. Love that all of the amenities are included in one place. We always chose properties like this with good options for kids when our children were younger. Lets you have a bit of a break too.

  5. Joella says:

    I love how family friendly the resort is. And it is amazing how many activities you can do there. I especially love the idea of horseback ridding. And its great they will be adding even more activities – the zip lining will be fun

  6. Subhashish Roy says:

    The mountain resort looks fabulous for a good few days with family. The amenities that I would love to explore would be horse riding and lots of time in the water. The cottage options are really varied and seems to suit every budget which is a great idea.

  7. Manjulika Pramod says:

    After having been away from travel for so many days, the idea of natural beauty, green surroundings, cool water, and adventure sounds music to my hears. It was a refreshing post and I quite liked the resort for it caters to everything that an ideal outing requires. There are good options for family too, so everyone can enjoy together. The pictures show you sure had a good time.

  8. Yukti says:

    La Villa Francisco Mountain Resort really looks comfortable and perfect getaway for family staycation. I loved those water rides and my children would truly love them. Good to know that there are so many activities for children like pony riding, zip-lining and lots of open space to play. Thanks for sharing wonderful resort in lap of nature.

  9. Aaliziyah says:

    The resort is interesting! You stated a lot of activities that can be done. Sayang it is quarantine kasi so it is impossible for me to visit it in person but the way you made this blog post and gave information about it made me have a glimpse of how staying there would feel like.

  10. Ma. Theresa Martinez says:

    Wow. The place and the activities there are nice but is it open now? My MIL is in Tacloban right now because she went there before quarantine happened. I will show this to her so their family would know about this.

  11. nicolepaler says:

    This looks really nice and fun! And it is not everyday you can find a waterpark that has horseback riding too! I do wonder what are their current protocols while we are in this pandemic tho…

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