La Villa Francisco Mountain Resort a Relaxation Haven in the City

La Villa Francisco Mountain Resort a stunning mountain resort located in Tacloban City, the economic center and heart of Eastern Visayas, Philippines. It is a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax while embracing the natural beauty of nature, greenery surroundings, dipping in cool water, and breathing in some fresh air. Have fun and enjoy yourself with your friends and family while using their man-made amenities for FREE. 

What to Do in La Villa Francisco Mountain Resort

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Process, Cost and Requirements in Obtaining Passport for Minor in the Philippines

A trip outside the country is one of the most awaited vacations of the family. Is your plan this year to spend Christmas holiday outside the country? If yes, surely kids in the house are very much excited. Part of the preparation for out of the country trip is to obtain passport especially for the little one in the family who doesn’t have yet. Why need a passport in going out of the country, how is the process, necessary documentary requirements and the cost of obtaining a passport for a minor in the Philippines? Read on so you may know the answer to these questions. This will be of help too for you in getting a passport especially for the new child in the family.

Passport is a travel document issued by the government in the country of a holder. This document certifies the identity as well as the nationality of passport owner primarily used for international travel. Actually, aside for travel purposes, the passport is a reliable and primary document and is accepted too for enrolling, opening bank accounts and other activities that require primary identification.

Ready to apply? Let’s do this! Sharing below are process and lists of passport requirement in obtaining for minor (below 18 years of age) in the Philippines.

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