Process, Cost and Requirements in Obtaining Passport for Minor in the Philippines

A trip outside the country is one of the most awaited vacations of the family. Is your plan this year to spend Christmas holiday outside the country? If yes, surely kids in the house are very much excited. Part of the preparation for out of the country trip is to obtain passport especially for the little one in the family who doesn’t have yet. Why need a passport in going out of the country, how is the process, necessary documentary requirements and the cost of obtaining a passport for a minor in the Philippines? Read on so you may know the answer to these questions. This will be of help too for you in getting a passport especially for the new child in the family.

Passport is a travel document issued by the government in the country of a holder. This document certifies the identity as well as the nationality of passport owner primarily used for international travel. Actually, aside for travel purposes, the passport is a reliable and primary document and is accepted too for enrolling, opening bank accounts and other activities that require primary identification.

Ready to apply? Let’s do this! Sharing below are process and lists of passport requirement in obtaining for minor (below 18 years of age) in the Philippines.

The first step is to make an appointment with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) office. A one (1) year old and below is exempted from the appointment. In making passport appointment you need to fill out the necessary fields in like your preferred Department of Foreign Affairs office or site location. To make sure that the flow of your application is smooth and no hassle, double check everything that you fill-in to avoid cancellation or delay of appointment. An active e-mail address is a must because a confirmation of your appointment will be sent via the e-mail you filled up. Print out the application from your e-mail and never forget to bring it on the day of your appointment together with other requirements. The referred listing below for the general requirements needed in applying for a child’s passport.

  • Original Birth Certificate of minor in Security Paper issued by PSA or Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar and duly authenticated by PSA. Transcribed Birth Certificate from the LCR is required when entries in PSA Birth Certificate are blurred or unreadable. Report of Birth duly authenticated by PSA is required if minor was born abroad.
  • Document of identity with photo, if minor is 8-17 years old (for first time and renewal applicant) such as School ID or Form 137 with readable dry seal
  • For minor applicants who never attended school, a Notarized Affidavit of Explanation executed by either parent (if minor is a legitimate child) / by mother (if minor is an illegitimate child) detailing the reasons why the child is not in school, is required
  • Marriage Certificate of minor’s parents duly authenticated by PSA (for a legitimate child)
  • Original and photocopy of the valid passport of the person traveling with the minor.

Next step is to accompany the child is going to the Department of Foreign Affairs office on the date of appointment. Remember to be at the location at least 30 minutes before the given scheduled time. A staff in the Department of Foreign Affair office will guide you through the process including getting your child’s photo taken as well as paying for the passport fees. In taking photos for passport usage, please take note of these do’s and don’ts so that no time and money is being wasted:

  • Visibility of eyes and ears. This means that hair should not be covering in both eyes and ears even a small one.
  • Hair accessories, earrings, and eyeglasses are not allowed. So take it off for a minute.
  • For the baby, a parent must hold her/his while taking the photo.
  • It’s ok to smile while having the photo taken, but teeth shouldn’t be showing.

 Is it costly in obtaining a passport? Well, my answer to this is actually will depend on the standard living of a person and the processing type you prefer. There are two options that you can choose from. First is the regular processing which costs Php950.00. Choosing the regular process takes 15 to 30 working days before you can receive the passport. The second option is the express processing which is a little bit pricey costing Php1,200.00. Availing the express process enables you to receive the passport 7 to 20 working days. If you don’t want or have no time in going back Department of Foreign Affairs office to claim the applied passport option is to have an additional fee for delivery charge. Please take note that the number of waiting period may actually vary depending on the location of the Regional Consular Office you applied for a passport.

So easy actually to get your child’s ticket to the world. Just follow the steps, double check the documentary requirements and last enjoy and have a safe trip!

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