Homemade Hawaiian Pande Pizza

It’s food time!

Serving now is a homemade recipe by yours truly using Del Monte Quick n Easy Sweet Pizza Sauce and Tidbits Pineapple plus left over foods from breakfast.


Pandesal (bread) slice in halved

1 pouch (115g) Del Monte Sweet Pizza Sauce

½ Cup sliced Cooked Ham

2/3 Grated Cheeze

1 pouch (115g) Del Monte Tidbits Pineapple

Quick and Easy Procedures

Preheat Oven Toaster for 2-3 minutes. Toast the halves pandesal (bread) directly on the rack for 1 minute. Take out the bread from the oven toaster and spread with Del Monte Sweet Pizza Sauce over the bread. Top it with the other ingredients then toast again for 3-5 minutes making sure that the cheese has melted.


A healthylicious, budget friendly recipe, easy-to-prepare and pack for your child snack at school.

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