Why I Like and Approves Klio

Are you a plastic homeware products user? Yours truly is a user too, but I’m picky when it comes to plastic products for home wares because there are plastic homewares available in the market that are not safe for the family’s health. Recently, I was lucky enough for winning an online promo (Facebook page promo) of a local plastic homeware company – Klio Food Keepers. Honestly, it’s my first time to know about this brand of plastic homewares as well as use their products when I received the prizes I’ve won from their online promo. After using the products, here are the top 3 reasons why I like and approves Klio.

  1. Budget-friendly, yet heavy-duty kind of products.
  2. BPA-Free products, which only means it will not leach toxic chemicals and safe to use for the family.
  3. Klio offers a different range of products such as food keepers, canisters, water dipper and other home ware products.

About Klio

A local plastic homewares producers since 1999. The company’s vision is to provide Filipino market with superior quality but affordable food keeper and other home ware products that guarantee safety. Klio is not just an income generating company, they as well offer partnership opportunities to Filipinos. If you are interested to know more information about the partnership opportunities Klio offers, talk to them by sending an email at infor@kliofoodkeeprs.com


29 Eulogia Drive, Brgy. Samson, Quezon City

Contact Nos: 361-3386 / 361-3550



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2 thoughts on “Why I Like and Approves Klio

  1. Maan says:

    As much as I want to minimise the use of plastic in our home, plasticware is still the best option when it comes to freezer storage (IMO!). And for that purpose, I do use several Klio products!

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