Three Reasons Culture Matters in the Workplace

Companies today invest a great deal of time and money defining the mission and core set of values that define their workplace culture. This is no less true in the finance and accounting industry than any other. Have you ever wondered why they are willing to invest so much into something that many companies didn’t know about 50 years ago? There are three significant reasons that this trend is here to stay.

Defining the How

Every company has established metric results that must be achieved for success. This translates to every division, department, and employee and is reviewed anywhere from weekly to annually. By defining a set of values for everyone in the company to follow, a company defines the way those goals will be achieved. The mission states the overall goal of the company that everyone can contribute to. The metrics are the “what” while the values are the “how” and the mission is a common purpose. This provides clearer expectations for employees at every level in a company.

Affirming Brand Image

Marketing strategies today involve clearly defining a company’s brand image so customers identify the brand readily and easily. In finance and accounting firms, a positive brand image is important because they are asking clients to trust them with their livelihood and future. When values and mission statements are created, they are tied to that brand message to infuse it throughout the organization. In today’s digital economy, this information is often shared with the public on company websites to help fortify that image.

Employee Retention

Culture has become a key factor for many job seekers today. The most successful and effective accounting headhunters in Los Angeles make it a point to focus on this point when working with hiring managers and job seekers. They will purposefully work to understand what the company culture is, while also working to understand what their candidate’s ideal culture fit would be. When an employee works for a company they believe in, they are loyal and more engaged in the company’s success. It is more than a job, it is a noble cause.

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6 thoughts on “Three Reasons Culture Matters in the Workplace

  1. Gil Camporazo says:

    In management, there are various key factors that determine the success or failure of a company and studies do confirm on how effective they are. However, they may differ from every company based on their business venture. But the common of these things is what you have already mentioned the specific purpose of the business, its clients, and marketing strategies.

  2. Wanderer Juan says:

    I have read about and even wrote about the importance of culture in the workplace, it is important and is often overlooked.

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