Where to Go for a Cebu Day Tour with Kids

Summer is about to end, yet everyone’s itinerary did not realize because of this COVID-19 pandemic. Since most of us are stuck inside our home, let’s enjoy traveling and make the most of the quarantine time by reading or watching travel post about the places we want to go, listing down things to do, and finding pocket-friendly accommodation in that place. This will be of help in forthcoming travel.

When this pandemic ends and everything is back to normal, where do you plan to travel? Do you want to escape city life and enjoy the scenery of nature while staying at one of the hotels in Tagaytay? Well, that sounds great and it’s on my travel bucket lists too, but after this pandemic, our route is to visit Cebu Province, the birthplace of my eldest son, and have a day tour with the whole family.

Cebu is also named as the Queen City of the South, one of the top-performing provinces in the Philippines and a dream destination for local and foreign tourists. There are lots of unmissable attractions in Cebu from city adventures, history spots, beaches, and up to the mountain exploration you can experience there. I have listed below things to go for a Cebu Day Tour with kids.

Basilica Del Sto Nino

A historic and religious spot, the must first stop before you go touring in Cebu. Its structure and paintings displayed are magnificent which shows how historic the place is. The church is located in Pilgrim’s Center, Osmeña Boulevard Cebu, City. Magellan’s Cross is located also near this area, so it’s a one-stop spot travel religious and history which you can share to your kids.

Sirao Garden – Little Amsterdam

A small flower farm owned by a couple located in Barangay Sirao, Cebu City. The celosia plants as the main attraction, an Amsterdam inspired garden with windmill and sculptures added to its natural scenery. I’ve been into this place and want to go back camping with my family and taking mementos of its instagramable view. The best and safe time to visit here is during sunny since it’s mountainous.

Temple of Leah

A Roman-style temple built to symbolizes a husband’s endless love for his wife. Located on top of the hill in Barangay Busay, Cebu City. It is said to be Cebu’s Taj Mahal with a bunch of life-sized statues of angels, lions, and Roman gladiators. A new must-see attraction in Cebu where you get a Europe feels because of its architectural and structural designs.

Lapu-Lapu Shrine; Magellan Shrine

Located in the Punta Engaño Park on the island of Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. A 20 meter high, bronze statue of Chief Lapu-Lapu is built in honor of his bravery. Lapu-Lapu is considered as the first Philippine Hero who defeated the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. This is the location where the Battle of Mactan happened.

Marcelo Fernan Bridge Park

The widest and longest bridge in Cebu Province connecting Mandaue City and Lapu-Lapu City. On the Lapu Lapu City side of the bridge, a small family park under the bridge offers scenic views of the coast on both sides. It becomes the favorite hang-out area for locals and tourists where they can have a picnic while enjoying the scenery and breathing in the fresh air. Actually, this place was my exercise venue every weekend afternoon back then when we are still living in Lapu-Lapu City. My son is excited after knowing the plan of visiting Cebu, his birth town.

Upside Down Museum

A modern art museum located at City Time Square Phase 2, Mantawi International Drive, Mandaue City Cebu just across Park Mall. Your world will literally turns upside down in this themed room. What to do in the Upside Down Museum? Kids and adults will surely have fun and enjoy taking photos while posing creatively from Kitchen, Playroom, Dining , Bedroom , Casino, Market and so much . An entrance fee of less than Php300.00 is worth to pay for that tiny house with bigger view of world and a fun experience of a lifetime worth to treasure. Actually, Upside Down Museum is not only available in Cebu amd other part of Philippines but also in other countries like Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and USA.

It is the last stop for this trip, but actually, there’s more to see in Cebu Province. No worries about the accommodation because there are budget-friendly available in RedDoorz. An ongoing promo is being offered till May 31, 2020, that is rebookable and refundable. You may view the details here – https://www.reddoorz.com/en-ph/deal_page/209?id=209&page=deal_page

Take note, it doesn’t need to be a lavish trip; what’s more important is the whole family enjoyed while experiencing a new culture and environment. The happy memories we have in traveling with family is one of the best legacies we can leave to our kids.

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22 thoughts on “Where to Go for a Cebu Day Tour with Kids

  1. Loise says:

    Cebu is a very great place to visit! I’ve been there but I wasn’t able to visit the Sirao Garden and it makes me regret so much, though I plan to come back soon 🙂

  2. Erica Sosing says:

    Cebu is really a nice place to visit. I haven’t been there yet but I watched and heard about so many good things we can do and see in see. Many historical places, delicious foods and delicacies and a very nice people.?

  3. Jan Darren Guiwan (KapampanganTraveller) says:

    Never knew that there is an access road traversing below that iconic bridge – been to Cebu City many times but was never able to step on this very site to capture the picturesque bridge. I was thinking before that it could be plain shore dotted with different facilities. I always visit the far flung destinations of Cebu.

  4. Pinaynursemeetsworld says:

    I heard a lot of positive feedback from my friends and family about how beautiful Cebu City is. As a mom and a traveler, I want to visit places that are family-friendly and safe. Cebu has it all. I am looking forward to visiting the city on my next trip to the Philippines. I will surely visit your blog back for reference.:)

  5. Sarrah Cea says:

    I went to Cebu years ago and I can say the city looks great. The Cebuanos are so beautiful too. That Upside Down Museum is really exciting. I experienced the one in Manila. Tiring but fun!

  6. Dhel Manog says:

    Wow.Ngayon ko lang nalaman na ganyan kaganda ang cebu .Nice place !Sana makapunta din kami with my family siguradong enjoy mga bagets !

  7. KJ Dadero says:

    I’ve been to Cebu once, but only for a work related travel, and I didn’t have much time to explore. I was only able to go to the Temple of Leah and the 10,000 Roses. These other places are worth checking out if I get another chance to travel.

  8. WanderWoMom says:

    sobrang dami ng mga pwedeng puntahan na bago sa cebu nakakatuwa! ive been to cebu a couple of times when i dont have a kid yet, pinaka huli 2011. nakakamiss to just roam around and tambay at tops. looking forward in bring my son to cebu

  9. Diwata Madz says:

    I’ve been to Cebu several times already. At hindi na ako nakabalik since 2012 kaya hindi ako familiar sa mga new places to go with the kids. While it is highly cultured ans historical, I thought I can’t bring the kids in the city. But, you proved me otherwise… 🙂

  10. paolo says:

    I love Cebu. These are some great ideas for a day tour with kids. My favorite day tour is to chill Movenpick. Hope to visit Cebu again soon

  11. Dale says:

    Been to Cebu two years ago and supposed to return this September (but COVID happened) and parang ang dami kong kailangang i-checkout pagbalik ko a! 🙂

  12. Hazel says:

    I miss Cebu! ☺️I dont think i’ve seen Temple of Leah and Sirao Garden – Little Amsterdam yet! They look world-class and definitely worth a visit indeed! I hope i can visit Cebu again! ?

  13. Yourtitaja says:

    I am not a kid but I will surely visit the Upside Down World! Always wanted to visit Cebu because of the lechon. Hoping that I could visit real soon.

  14. Franze Garcia says:

    I’ve never been to Cebu ever. This is great for first timers like me (if ever) HAHA. I’m looking forward to see what I have saw here in your posts. Hopefully they are still like that.

  15. blair villanueva says:

    Are these local destinations already open? I would like to take my Aussie adoptive kids to enjoy Cebu too!

  16. Ann says:

    My hometown I so missed! Hope to go sa December or January! Dami new attractions and blog about them also! Beautiful photos here, makes me feel more homesick.

  17. Nadj Villaver says:

    I’ve been to Cebu twice pero yung napuntahan ko palang sa list na nandito is yung Basilica and Lapi-Lapu Shrine. Next travel ko sa Cebu I’ll definitely go to Temple of Lea abd Siarao Garden!

  18. Ciara Lazo says:

    Wow! I’ve always wanted to go to Cebu. There are so many beautiful places and sceneries to visit. I would really like to try the Upside Down World! I hope everything returns to normal so I could be able to visit Cebu real soon.

  19. Julie Christy says:

    I don’t know if I will ever get to the Phillipines, but maybe one day! The Temple of Leah looks cool and the bridge!

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