Want to Promote Your Business? Mom’s Shout Out Can Help!

Hello there! This amazing opportunity will only knock your door once. It’s up to you if you’ll open and take or reject them.

Every business may it new, small, or big needs promotion to attract attention and invite customers. There are many ways of promoting business, some are costly and others are FREE. These days’ social media platforms play a vital role in promoting business. Why? Because of its worldwide market coverage.

If you want to promote your business or products/services but have a shortage of fund for the advertisement fees, Mom’s Shout Out can help you. You can promote it here and in my social media accounts FREE of charge. I will feature your business, products and services for one week here in blog and social channels with followers and audience not just from the Philippines but worldwide.

How to promote your business Mom’s Shout Out?

The following information of your business are needed. You may send/emailed it to momshoutout@gmail.com  

A short bio about your business/products/services offered


Contact Information

Website Link (if available)

Facebook Page Link

Instagram Link

Business Logo picture

Three (3) photos of your business/products

Discount code to shoppers/customers (if applicable only)

Sample of product/s to try and review (if applicable only)

How will I promote it?

Every week, I will feature one business here thru blog post

Business logo or photo of your products and social media links will be added permanently to SHOP HERE ALBUM in my Mom’s Shout Out Facebook and Instagram.

That’s it!

Take advantage of this FREE opportunity to promote your business. Take note that this only for the whole year 2020. Send it now!

If you have family or friends who are into business, especially newbie and SME (Small Medium Enterprise) that needs business promotion, please feel free to share this and extend my invitation.

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  1. This is amazing! I will send you a proposal later! This will definitely help small businesses in promoting their products and services

  2. aww this is a great idea and an act of kindness. Let’s support local businesses on ways that we can. This is not the time to be selfish.

  3. Ohh! This is so great <3 I own 2 super small businesses and been looking for ways to promote it. Will definitely send a proposal ^_^

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