10 Money Principles Kids Should Learn

Every mom wants to see their children grow healthy, happy, and successful as well as know how to manage money. It is most necessary that at their young age, they already know how to handle and spend money wisely. Being their first teacher, we mom should take the time help our kids learn how to doing this thing called money management. I have here an infographic sent to me by a fellow Samareno from MoneyMax.ph, it’s about the 10 Money Principles Kids Should Learn

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How to Pick the Best Toy for Your Kid


Kids do love toys, but don’t you know that there are factors to consider when choosing the best toys for your kids?

As a mom of a kid who love toys, the advice and factors that I can share on how to pick the best toy for your kid are as follows:

  • Determine his preferred activities, skills level, preferred music, and instrument. For instance, if your kid loves music and playing the drum, a 5 piece drum set is a perfect choice to give.

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Fun Summer Learning Activities

School break is officially here! And you are probably wracking your nerves thinking of things to make the kids busy for the coming two and a half months. It is a mom’s greatest concern to make sure that kids spend their time wisely and productively.

There are lots of activities you can choose from: sports, arts, music and others. You just have to know what really interests them and let them explore. Listed below are fun summer learning activities that I can recommend to keep them busy all season. Continue reading

The So Called Motherhood Responsibilities

Entering the motherhood is a memorable moment for any female. Playing the role of a mother is a tedious task. When you are stepping inside the role of a mother, you would be bearing the responsibility of taking care of your child for than 2 decades. Hence it is important to prepare how to handle this responsibility in a mature way and concentrate on your office chores if you are employed. Even if you are stay at home mom with a home based job or a full time home maker your responsibility of being a mother would never be less or more. This is mainly because the motherhood demands you to make your child as an independent adult who is also productive.

Thinking everything in future’s point of view
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Lessen the Hard in Bringing Up Teens

Soon, I’ll be mom of a teen, so I asked some of my colleagues how true the hearsays that bringing up teens is harder than a newborn baby. They say, yes!, but it depends also on how we guide and help the teens grow into a distinct individuals they will become. All moms of teens, who is searching guides on how to lessen the hard in bringing up teens, below are savvy tips that can help build a lovely parent-teen relationship.


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