Things You Should Have to Start a Business

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Do you agree with the statement “owning a business is better than being employed”?

If you’re bouncing back the question to me, my answer is YES. However, today you can keep both, running a business while keeping your day job or being employed. Starting a business is within the reach of almost anyone who is hardworking. There are types of businesses that don’t require your full-time commitment like franchising fast food chains, running hair salons, fitness centers, looking for mortgage protection leads as an insurance agent, and others.

Establishing a business and making it successful does not come overnight. It takes planning, time, finances, permits, licenses, insurance like MicroBiz Protek Jr., and other factors you should have once you open a business. Now, are you ready to pursue and run your own business? Here’s the things you should have for kickstarting your new or additional endeavor in life.

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LookingFour Your Buy and Sell E-Commerce Partner

Want to buy or sell something hassle-free and spending less on promotion?

Look for it or sell it online.

Yes, as we are now in the techy world we mostly use the internet as a means of communication, shopping, and searching information, promoting business worldwide is just a click away. Adopting this kind of marketing is possible for all businesses minded people, start-up entrepreneurs and everyone who is planning to buy and sell or promote Preloved items for sale.

You don’t need to be a techno geek and invest tons of capital in order to enter into the digital world of marketing. All you need to have is an internet connection and LookingFour, your safe and reliable e-commerce partner that will help in promoting your products and services to the market. 

About LookingFour

A startup e-commerce platform for Filipinos where buying online is better with sigurado sellers. Registering to LookingFour is free. Users can buy and sell anything from brand new to preloved items, set their own shop name and provide a description for it. There are three (3) levels  of ranking as a LookingFour member to verify, ensure the safety of shoppers and avoid scammers or fake accounts. These 3 levels of verification ranking are as follows: Continue reading

Summer Business Ideas For Extra Income

Need extra cash? No problem! It’s time to get creative with how you can earn additional income this summer, whether you’re a full-time student or employee. Here are a few business ideas:

1. Be an online tutor.

Since online classes are the norm right now, parents might not have the time to help their kids with homework as they’re busy working from home. You can offer your services as an online tutor to assist friends’ or relatives’ kids struggling to adapt to this new normal.

2. Be a proofreader.

Online communication is so important right now with everything happening either on a mobile device or a computer. If you have a good grasp of technology and have a good command of the English language (or Filipino) then this job may be for you. You can read through articles and assignments, and then make changes when you spot misspellings or grammatical errors the same way you might be doing for the assignment of your kids. If this is something you can do, let your friends and relatives know that you are free to edit their written work.

3. Sell pre-loved items!

You might have gained a bit of weight due to the lockdown or realized you have old things that are rarely used. Turn to online platforms like Shopee, Lazada, or Carousell to declutter your old things and make money at the same time! Just make sure what you’re selling is still usable and in good working condition.

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Jonah Chipeco: From Freelance Moonlighting to Asia’s Writerpreneur

A Writerpreneur, a portmanteau of the words — writer and entrepreneur, is more than just a writer who makes money online through writing. A writerpreneur is a writer who has a mind of a businessperson. Jonah Chipeco, the Chief Trainer and Founder of Writing Hacks Academy, is an epitome of this word. Hence, in the Philippine freelancing world, she is known as Asia’s Writerpreneur. Jonah uses her creative gifts to form income-generating opportunities as an entrepreneur. She utilizes the power of writing as her foundation in solving her clients’ and students’ problems. Her writing skills are the building blocks of her business. As a Writerpreneur, she combined her passion for writing and entrepreneurship to produce and deliver information products that clients can study, use, or sell. Continue reading

Smart Real Estate Investments Amidst The Pandemic

Most people from around the world have been locked down for a very long time or are still on lockdown inside their house or apartment. This pandemic isn’t just changing the way we feel about our homes but it has a huge impact on property markets around the world, as well.

It is fairly clear that with business failures, job uncertainty, massive unemployment, and wage cuts, many people will be cautious about making investments amidst the recent outbreak and the recession.

In most historic recessions, financial experts prove that the property market has either remained largely resilient or was only impacted across certain real estate sectors. But once cities and states reopen, that would be a reasonable time to think about buying a real estate property.

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