Michael’s Hut (Michael Oyco) 5 Best Food Trips and Travels in the Philippines

Happiness is spending quality time and creating memories with family and friends over good food at a good place. Since, the government lifted the COVID-19 restrictions, let’s now have a family outing, and enjoy food trips and travels. With that, I’ll share in this post and feature 5 Best Food Trips and Travels in the Philippines by Michael Oyco of Michael’s Hut.

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Top 5 – LUYONG 

A staple comfort food in Marikina was established in the year 1950s by lovely couple Luisa Fong and Luyong. Luyong Restaurant (the Concepcion branch to be exact) continues to serve Chinese and Filipino cuisine for more than 70 years. Now it is being managed by one of their sons and can accommodate as many as 70 persons in its fully air-conditioned ground floor and function rooms and up to 160 persons in the spacious second-floor multi-purpose function hall. 

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Top 4 – Canto Bogchi Joint in Baguio 

Famously known as “Canto” located at 25 Kisad Road Baguio City. They serve a variety of foods, but the most recommendable item to date (especially for the first-timer) is the LOMO RIBS. LOMO RIBS are Grilled Pork BBQ Ribs with homemade BBQ sauce, served with Cascade Salad, rice, or mashed potatoes with gravy.

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Top 3 – Seoul Sky Dining

An authentic Korean Restaurant, located on the 33rd floor of the MDC100 building, Eastwood, Quezon City. A resto with a breathtaking view of it revolves 360 degrees overtime making you see the overlooking skyline of the nearby cities. The first one to be served is the Bibimbap, a bowl of Korean-style mixed rice with assorted meats and veggies. The synergy of great foods, comfy and neat ambiance, breathtaking and relaxing views, plus the excellent services are highly recommendable.

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Top 2 – Eat Tamilok (Wood-worm)

Eat Tamilok (wood-worm), the local delicacy in Puerto Princesa. Tamilok is a worm who eats wood for breakfast. It is usually served raw and only dipped in locally mixed sauce. Aside from eating, things you would not miss to experience and enjoy on this beautiful island of Puerto Princesa are, Firefly Watching at Iwahig, island to island zip-line experience, visiting the Underground River- one of the wonders of the world and many other activities.

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The luxurious eat-all-you-can restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of SM City Marikina. Aside from the main dish, their vast selection of food items also includes appetizers like dim sums, salad bar, trays of bread, and many more.

Hopefully, the lists above are helpful for your family’s food trips. So next time you crave something and need ideas for good food and cozy places, go check out Michael’s Hut website.

Michael Oyco is a well-known Filipino Lifestyle blogger behind Michael’s Hut. He is a passionate blogger and enjoys promoting informative and helpful articles to his blog readers. 

I ask him for some advice for local and foreign foodie lovers and travelers. Here is some of his advice.

My advice would simply be, to enjoy every moment, eat and act like a local, and take pictures! It’s a cliche to balance everything and do this all at the same time, but when you do, it’s worth it! Eat and experience what’s special there (try to avoid fast food if you can), don’t be too lazy about taking pictures because the more you take, the better, but don’t forget to savor every moment.”

He added. . .

One of the things that got me blogging was to get those moments to be remembered and I am enjoying every moment when I read and see them back from time to time. We can never take back those past times, but we have the opportunity to reminisce about them IF we effortly capture them. 

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