Lighting Ideas You Need To Make Your Home Beautiful

Welcome to our home. Home is the place where love resides, we grow, created memories, and wanting to get back to no matter how far places we have been to. Every home is different in size, designs, types of furniture and fixtures that are in because it depends on the tastes, financial status, and lifestyle of the people living in it. However, no matter how big or elegant the house structure is or what types of furniture or decors exist, there are certain elements that every home needed most, that is lighting.

Useless it is to have a beautifully designed space in the home if you are sitting in the dark. Lighting is one of the essential elements of the home. That is why it is important to carefully plan your design light and consider all the sources of light you need, whether its entrance light, wall lights over the sofa for reading, dining lights, room lights or an eye-catching chandelier that illuminates the whole room.

Actually, if you really want to make the lighting placement and appearance perfect, I suggest hire experts and professional lighting designer in town, they will surely be of help. To help in your planning, I have here lighting ideas you need to make every space of your home beautiful and illuminated.



Home entrance is the eye opener, it is where first impression creates. A well lit entryway is very important, however, you need to pick the right design dependingon the size of your entryway. There are multitude of lighting available today to suite your style and budget, consider these pointers when planning for your entryway design light. A not to large space, consider wall scones lightings that can be placed on either side of the front door or wall. Flush mounted fixtures or short length type of a chandelier for not so tall ceiling of the entryway. Big chandeliers like La Couronne “the crown” one of Paula Arntzen (Dutch designer behind Studio Arntzen, a design light shop) creations is perfect for the large entryway.

Living Room

Living Room is the space in the home where the family gathers to relax, hangout or read. To make the place spectacular, a tradional lighting suit for this area are chandelier, standing lamp, table lamp and wall lights. These lighting ideas can be applied all or not depending on how wide space and the taste you like. A pair of colorful wall lights is ideal for a small living room, this will help free up floor or table space while illuminating the area. Chandelier for the centerpiece of a living room is great as well, for it will brighten the seating area and creates a focal point. Best include a dimmer switch to set the mood of light you want to use.

Dining Room

Traditionally, this space in the home is commonly used for a family’s dinner. A simple fixture or layers of lights that elavates the dining space will complete the ingredients to make the dining room extra special just like the food served for family’s meal and celebration.

Kitchen Space

Transform your cooking space into a brighter and elegant looking without cutting out your budget for the meal. How? Lighting is the main ingredient for the transformation. Ideas are brass pendants lightings for a colorful kitchen, leafy lantern match with a yellow wallpaper for tropical vibes around. Living near the sea? A natural like rattan pendant lighting is ideal for your home kitchen, it will add more decor to the cooking space.

I am not an expert or even a professional lighting designer, but mentioned above ideas will be of help in planning and organizing lighting designs for your home sweetie home.

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