Kitchen Cabinet Maker – 5 Important Questions to Ask

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, there are a lot of things you can do, and ideas you can implement. However, nothing works better than replacing the kitchen cabinets. Be it a new kitchen or an old one; in both the cases, well-designed cabinets can completely enhance the look of the entire space. It would not be wrong to say that customized cabinets prove to be a much better option when compared to the readymade ones, and so many people prefer hiring kitchen cabinet makers.

An experienced and reliable kitchen cabinet maker can provide you with the best services within your set budget. Kitchen cabinet maker can give your kitchen an entirely new look. However, it is always better to ask few questions before you hire a cabinet maker. Avail the service of cabinet maker only after getting suitable answers to the questions you asked.

The Key Questions You Must ask Your Kitchen Cabinet Maker

#1 Do They Manufacture the Drawers and Doors Themselves?

No doubt, it is the most important question that a lot of house owners forget to ask.  If the cabinet maker hired by you does not make drawers and doors but outsourced this task to some other company, you may not get the best services, and so the seamless finish cannot be assured in this case. Plus, it could be possible that the cabinet frame might not match with the design of the doors and drawers. So, be very clear on this aspect.

#2 Do They Create  Customized Interiors?

Apart from the aesthetic aspect of the kitchen cabinets, you also need to focus on their efficiency. After all, the cabinet should provide you with enough space to store a full range of kitchen items. Hence, it would be better to check out a few samples of the cabinet interiors the professionals have designed. Slide-out trays, shelves, and specialty drawers can make the requirement of storage easier for you.

#3 Do They Have a Few Samples to Show?

Like it was mentioned above, checking out a few samples can provide you with a lot of information about the skills and capabilities of the kitchen cabinet maker. Looking at the sample can always be very handy to get ideas related to the placement of the key elements that are used in the kitchens, such as dishwasher, sink, refrigerator, etc. It is better to place the cabinet close to the cooktop so that you can quickly take out the pans and pots from the cabinet.

#4 How Much Time Do They Take to Design, Build and Install a Cabinet?

Even though it is the most common questions to ask, but a lot of people don’t take it seriously. Before you avail the services of a cabinet maker, it gets important to have the written document mentioning the estimated or expected date the project will get finished. This simple tip can help you to plans things within your budget and time.

#5 Do They Offer a Warranty?

The best kitchen cabinet makers always provide a warranty to their customers as a part of their standard package. The warranty must include the basic aspects, such as handles, knobs, laminate/veneer, wood, etc. In addition, the warranty should also cover the hinges and latches attached to the cabinets.

So, those were some of the basic questions that you must ask your kitchen cabinet maker before hiring him. Enquiring about the quality of materials the cabinet maker will use is also crucial. Finally, do not forget to check out some reviews the cabinet maker has earned. Getting a few references can also provide you plenty of useful information, which can be used for zeroing down your option.


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    We’re thinking about remodeling our kitchen, and we never even considered hiring a cabinet maker. I’m so glad I found this post before we got started!!

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