Kickstart Your Wellness Journey by Quitting Smoking Plus a Daily Shot of Organique Acai Premium Blend

Smoking, for many, is a hard habit to break. This kind of habit makes them feel better, especially when they are stressed, hanging out with friends who are in this habit, and for some reason like losing weight. But, no matter what the reason behind smoking, still, doing this is unhealthy and harmful to our bodies and the people around us. If you are on a wellness journey and want to keep a healthy life you must break this habit and quit smoking for good.

Dr. Dexter Macalintal, a Lifestyle Medicine Specialist, explains that smoking has many negative effects and can lead to addiction because of the chemical nicotine. When this chemical occupies the smoker’s body, it tells the brain to release dopamine, which is the happy hormone. This is why smokers feel happy and relaxed and repeat the smoking activity, especially when distressed or angry. When the user can’t control smoking, it leads to a compulsory act and becomes addicted.

What is the health risk of smoking?

According to the Department of Health, 87,600 Filipinos die a year from tobacco-related diseases. Included in these numbers are those people who are nonsmokers. Nonsmokers are known as secondhand or even third hand smokers who acquire nicotine in the body because they are exposed to smoke from the users. Dr. Macalintal said that the different chemicals contained in cigarette smoke produce free radicals, molecules created by the body in some cell processes, and even by the immune system. When these are not neutralized by the antioxidants, the free radicals can damage the smoker’s body cells which lead to many kinds of illnesses.

Kickstart your wellness journey by quitting smoking. Quitting smoking will improve your health and reduces the risk of diseases. Doing so will cut down the risk of cardiovascular diseases to 50% of a nonsmoker within a year and 50% of lung diseases when one quits after 10 years. It’s not only you who will benefit from quitting smoking, but as well as your family and the community you’re in. Talk to your doctor now to ask for help and break the habit.

Aside from quitting smoking, consuming nutritious foods and a daily shot of food supplement like Organique Acai Premium BlendThe high antioxidant and vitamin content of this food supplement can help counteract the negative effects of cigarette smoke and strengthen the immune system of the body.

Indeed, a healthy lifestyle gives us a stronger body and mind, making us feel better and happier!

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